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Ukrainian woman Karkadym, who quarreled with the British, was found in the bushes and arrested

British police officer. File photoMOSCOW, Sep 28British police arrested Ukrainian refugee Sophia Karkadym after trying to break into the house of her ex-boyfriend, local resident Anthony Garnett, The Daily Mail reports. aggressive behavior: during one of the fights, a Ukrainian woman “grabbed a knife and hit the wall several times”.According to the publication, after the breakup, Karkadym twice tried to enter Garnett's house to talk to him, both times she was detained by the police. The last time law enforcement officers were called by neighbors, they heard the screams of a Ukrainian woman near Garnett's rented housing when she tried to “knock out the front door”, but she rushed to run, as a result, officers found her “hiding in nearby bushes.” On the footage, which was at the disposal of The Daily Mail, you can see how Karkadym, screaming in English, was put into a police car. The girl herself told the publication that she was “devastated” by the break with Garnett. “I'm lost. I'm heartbroken, but I still have feelings for Anthony. I don't have anyone here. No home, no money. I have no friends,” she complained. According to Karkadym, the police warned her that she was not allowed to try to communicate with Garnett, otherwise she would be re-arrested and charged. According to the refugee, she “never harmed Anthony” or attacked him. According to her, Garnett broke up with her “with the help of a message” and “threw her on the street”, showing himself to be “a different person.” At the same time, she admitted that the incident with the knife took place, but the Briton allegedly was not even at home at that moment. According to The Daily Mail, Karkadym's visa, which gave her refugee status, expires in a few weeks. Garnett himself told the publication that the Ukrainian woman was caught in a “perfect storm”. “She has expired her visa, and she has nothing in this country. She is no longer with me, and she has no reason to stay,” he said, expressing the hope that Karkadym “will be safe” in his homeland in Lvov. wrote local tabloids, a native of Lviv, Karkadym, in just ten days in the UK, destroyed the Garnett family. Together with his wife Lorna, they sheltered a 22-year-old girl, but a few days later the head of the family went to Karkady, leaving two children. The new relationship lasted four and a half months. The man admitted that he had problems at work due to increased attention from the press, his income fell sharply. At the same time, at the insistence of the girl, the Briton sheltered another emigrant and her boyfriend from Kremenchug. In Germany, outraged by the attitude of Ukrainian refugees to the country


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