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Doctors told about the “fashionable” habit that can lead to cancer

MOSCOW, Oct 1 Doctors from the University of Southern California have warned that the diet with a large number of products with a sweetener can cause the development of serious diseases. Scientists conducted an experiment on rodents. Young rats were given several types of sweetener. The product provoked memory impairment and changes in brain areas. It turned out that the sweetener affects metabolism. The process can lead to the development of diabetes and other diseases. Experts have named the types of additives that can harm the body. It looks like this:

  • —Saccharin — the body does not absorb it. Chronic use of increases the risk of developing cancer.
  • —Aspartame is present in large quantities in low-calorie drinks. It should never be added to tea. Long-term use of aspartame increases the risk of developing liver and lung cancer, as well as leading to brain damage.
  • —Cyclamate – banned in several countries. Causes kidney failure.
  • —Acesulfame Potassium – Reported to be a carcinogen.< /strong> Often found in carbonated drinks.
  • —Xylitol is a high calorie supplement. May cause metabolic failure.

If these additives are present in the product, a different choice should be made.


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