GENERICO.ruSportCoach Vasilevsky: Tutberidze's headquarters released Rubtsova "with God"

Coach Vasilevsky: Tutberidze's headquarters released Rubtsova “with God”

MOSCOW, Oct 3, Anastasia Panina. Eteri Tutberidze's coaching staff calmly gave the go-ahead to the transition of the 2021 Moscow junior champion Lyubov Rubtsova, the new coach of the figure skater Alexei Vasilevsky said in an interview. Vasilevsky works with his wife, bronze medalist of the 1997 European Championship Yulia Lavrenchuk, at the Moscow School of Figure Skating Army. 13-year-old Rubtsova was considered one of the most promising athletes of the Tutberidze group at a younger age. “It was still so with Rubtsova that I myself called (the coach of the Tutberidze group) Sergey Dudakov. I wanted to know what happened. He asked if I called her “Didn't convince me to go? I said no, I only found out myself that they wanted to join us. I haven't even seen Lyuba personally yet and immediately dialed Dudakova, we are on good terms. At first we kind of asked permission, if anyone was against it. They wrote there the letter that they had no objections was released with God,” said Vasilevsky. work with these athletes, – Lavrenchuk drew attention. – They wanted to and probably invested a lot in them. How the athletes got to us is primarily a question for them themselves. They also had the choice to go to the same CSKA, to Plushenko, to Tutberidze – there are enough schools. Why they chose us, I don't know.” Read the full interview with Alexei Vasilevsky and Yulia Lavrenchuk on on Monday.


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