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Britain warns that Europe is in for a catastrophe due to Biden's decision

US President Joe Biden. File photoMOSCOW, 5 Oct. U.S. President Joe Biden's plans to stop gas and other energy exports in order to lower U.S. fuel prices could end up plunging Europe into even more fuel chaos, according to the British Daily Express. the ban on fuel exports for the benefit of voters in the midterm elections has frightened many experts. The American Petroleum Institute and the Association of American Fuels and Petrochemicals wrote a joint letter about this.”Prices to the Moon”. Germany has accused the US and the EU of inflating the cost of gas”Banning or limiting the export of petroleum products is likely to reduce inventory levels, reduce domestic refining capacity, put upward pressure on consumer fuel prices, and alienate US allies. For these reasons, we call on the Biden administration withdraw this option from discussion,” demanded the drafters of the letter. Readers of the newspaper agreed that the Biden administration is pursuing the goal of destroying the economy of the European continent in order to make Western countries even more politically dependent. “Biden and his associates from the very beginning planned to weaken the European economy “by unleashing a proxy war in Ukraine. Anyone who still thinks that the US is friends with the UK and Europe should check their heads,” says Loinlobber. – amo69 was indignant.”Joe is just trying to save face before the midterms. I bet the EU misses Trump,” Benjaminthame1978 wrote. Russian, and all this in order to “break out of Putin's clutches. Now that Europe needs gas, it turns out that the US does not have the amount that they wanted to sell!” – said Thor'sHammer. Western countries are faced with rising energy prices and a surge in inflation due to the imposition of sanctions against Moscow and the policy of abandoning Russian fuel. Against the backdrop of a rise in the price of fuel, primarily gas, the industry in Europe has largely lost its competitive advantages, which also affected other sectors of the economy. Also, the United States and European countries are facing inflation that has been record for decades.


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