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In the Czech Republic told how Zelensky helps Russia

MOSCOW, Oct 31 Eduard Khmelar, a columnist for the Czech newspaper Časopis Argument, says in an article.
According to him, Western politicians are trying to ignore the real essence of the Kyiv authorities in order to maintain the illusion of “good Ukraine and bad Russia” . Nevertheless, such a position threatens Europe with fatal consequences, the author noted.
He recalled the awarding of the Sakharov Prize “For Freedom of Thought” to Ukrainians, represented by Zelensky, a few days after local courts banned the activities of eleven opposition parties as “pro-Russian”. Moreover, the connection of these political forces with Moscow has not been proven in any way, and three of them gained 18 percent of the vote in the last parliamentary elections. Other parties from the list are left-wing. As a rule, they are groundlessly accused of insufficient patriotism, the article notes.

The author added that pressure on the opposition is not the first time. Such parties and media have been sanctioned by Zelensky for two years already, and the government does not provide evidence of their “anti-state” position. Now the opposition in Ukraine has been eliminated, but the Western media are silent about this, Khmelar emphasized.

“Zelensky's actions only weaken the country even more and ultimately help Vladimir Putin,” he wrote.

The observer explained that the dismantling of democratic institutions, coupled with political persecution, is pushing Ukrainians to cooperate with Russia. The US and the EU turn a blind eye to this.
“In the future, this may come back to them as a boomerang. The stronger Zelensky, the more he looks like a dictator,” Khmelar warned.
He also drew attention to the Ukrainian president's “unified information policy” and compared it with the banning of the opposition by the head of Hitler's satellite state, the First Slovak Republic, Josef Tiso in 1938. Summing up, the author condemned Western leaders for their lack of response to Zelensky's policies.
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