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A public page on VKontakte published a video with an apology from a student of the HSE Lyceum, who turned on the national anthem of Ukraine at the lesson “Talk about important things”

The public on VKontakte, BloodZicker, published a video of apology from ninth-grader Varvara Bulygina from the Higher School of Economics Lyceum, who turned on the Ukrainian anthem while listening to the Russian anthem in the lesson “Talk about Important Things”.

In the video, the girl, periodically lowering her eyes down and, perhaps, looking into a pre-prepared text, calls her actions in the lesson “unreasonable”.

“It showed my immaturity and misunderstanding of the whole world situation <…> I did not want to offend the people of the Russian Federation or did not intend to express any political position,” she said.

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The schoolgirl also promised that she would not post political news or “showing disrespect for state symbols” on social networks.

Earlier, BloodZicker published a screenshot of Bulygina's VKontakte page, signing that the girl “repeatedly supported the Ukrainian terrorist regime on social networks.” Her account is currently unavailable.

A video in which two students of the HSE Lyceum listened to the Ukrainian anthem while the Russian anthem was played in the classroom appeared a few days ago. In the video, the girls sit on chairs while their classmates stand. DOXA writes that this happened during the lesson “Talk about the important.” After that, according to the publication, the girls were “hounded” and threatened.

The BloodZicker public also published a video with an apology from the second student who was sitting next to Bulygina in class. According to her, she did not see what her friend turned on on the phone and “cannot be responsible for her actions in any way.” The girl said that she loves her country and respects its state symbols and has never made posts on political topics on social networks.

DOXA notes that Bulygina and her friend could have been expelled from the Lyceum.


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