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Media: Estonia has compiled a list of more than 320 Soviet monuments for demolition

HELSINKI, Nov 17 of more than 320 Soviet monuments and tombstones that can be demolished, the state television and radio broadcasting portal ERR reported.
Since June, a commission on monuments has been operating at the State Chancellery, the task of which is to identify tombstones and monuments with Soviet symbols that are to be removed or replaced with neutral ones. signs. The composition of the commission has not yet been made public for security reasons, notes ERR.

“The commission came to the conclusion that 322 monuments and tombstones in public places with the symbols of the occupying power can be demolished or replaced with symbols with a neutral meaning,” –

Lea Danilson-Jarg, Minister of Justice, promised that the veil of secrecy from the commission's work would be lifted on November 30, when its activities were completed. “Then she will publish a list of the objects mapped, together with the corresponding recommendations for actions at these objects,” the minister told ERR, adding that each recommendation is accompanied by separate justifications.
On August 4, the Estonian government announced the start of a campaign to dismantle Soviet military monuments and reburial of the remains of soldiers throughout the republic. Prime Minister Kaya Kallas said that the transfer of monuments is planned to be completed before the end of the year. The number of monuments and their location is determined by a specially created commission. Presumably, there are from 200 to 400 monuments and memorials on the territory of the country.
In the city of Narva, near the border with Russia, on August 16, by order of the government, a monument was dismantled and delivered to the Estonian War Museum in the village of Viimsi near Tallinn, a monument – a T-34 tank, six more Soviet military monuments were also moved, which caused protests from the city's residents.

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