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Prices for sea holidays put the Russians in a dead end: the flight is equal to the salary

And it will be even more expensive

Vacation season is just around the corner: given the demand and rising prices at resorts available to Russians, citizens have taken care of planning vacations and children's vacations in the middle of spring. But, despite the advance, many are at a loss.

And it will be even more expensive

The Ministry of Transport, represented by its deputy head, warned that air travel in Russia will rise in price by 15-30%. But it’s one thing to hear and quite another to personally ask the price of tickets. Many experienced a genuine shock.

“My daughter is allergic and asthmatic,” says the mother of a fifth-grader from Nizhny Novgorod. “That’s why I still haven’t risked taking her on vacation abroad. You never know what kind of plants there, suddenly my daughter will give an acute reaction. This summer, too, I was going to take her to the Black Sea. Not to Sochi itself, of course, it’s expensive for us there, but I looked at tickets to Adler, because it is the only Black Sea airport from where buses run to all points. And do you know why the aggregator offered us tickets for a family – for me, my husband and my daughter? For three, about 73 thousand rubles, plus luggage is paid separately! For comparison, I get 35 thousand a month, and my husband – about 50. I shared the price of tickets at the parent meeting of our class, and one of the parents “comforted” me. She has a sister with her husband and son in Yakutsk, so from there to Adler airport 209 thousand rubles for three people one way plus luggage – 16 thousand rubles per seat!

Indeed, the tickets of the Yakut air carrier to the Black Sea in the summer season are about the same. And at the same time, they are sold out, despite the ten-hour flight and the fact that the average salary of a resident of Yakutia, according to statistics, is 71,878 rubles per month.

– You fly closer to Phuket! – I appeal to the inhabitants of Yakutia, who gathered in the middle of summer on the Black Sea.

– Yes, it takes 8 hours to Phuket, there are direct flights from Yakutsk, and tickets can be found for 30 thousand per person. Approximately the same in terms of time and money – to the Vietnamese resorts. But we need to go to a sanatorium, we have no other choice…

As it turned out, a 12-year-old boy from a Yakut family was sent to a Crimean sanatorium for medical reasons. In itself, a ticket there in case of his illness is a great luck. Therefore, parents will get into debt, but they will fly with their son. They will live in the private sector next to the sanatorium.

“We have only one direct flight to Adler,” says a family from Murmansk. – For three round-trip – 113,600 rubles. and 8 thousand for luggage. Fly 5 hours 20 minutes. But we will fly: friends invited us to visit, they have a private house near Sochi. So at least a roof over your head is free…

According to statistics, the average salary of Murmansk residents is 57,185 rubles. per month. And in Siberian Tomsk, even less – 49,336 rubles. monthly. That is why a Tomsk family with a child does not fly to Adler, although they would like to rest in Tuapse, but to Egypt.

– Tickets Tomsk-Adler for August, when we need, about 150 thousand rubles. for three back and forth, – the mother of the family shares. – Luggage is paid separately – 25 thousand. As I saw it, I began to watch tours to Egypt and Turkey at the same time. And I found 10 days in Hurghada in a double room with a third bed for 174 thousand rubles, flight included. And in Turkey, the same thing – for 200 thousand. And here, for almost the same amount, you can only fly to the sea…

A study of the issue shows that Russian parents are not fantasizing: this summer, most residents of the regions will have to pay an amount exceeding the average salary in the region just for the road to the most popular domestic resort. And at the same time the cost of the tour for the same period to Turkey or Egypt.

We check on request: a direct flight to Adler and back during the school holidays, a family of 3 with a child under 12 years old. From Tyumen from 70,110 rubles. for three plus 13 thousand for luggage (the average salary of Tyumen residents is 56,136 rubles). Ekaterinburgers with approximately the same average wage in their region will fly to the Black Sea in three for 69 thousand rubles. Petersburgers – for 66,700 rubles. without luggage, Ufa residents – for 58,494 rubles, Kazan citizens – for 52,660 rubles, and residents of the capital – for 51,410 rubles. The cheapest way to Sochi is with the citizens of Saratov: 46 thousand rubles for three round trips. At the same time, a tour to the all-inclusive five-star hotel in Hurghada, together with a flight, will cost 200 thousand rubles. per week for two adults with a child under 12 years old. And there are four-stars in the range of 130-150 thousand for all the same. Turkey, according to tour operators, in the summer months is 15% more expensive than Egypt – but by and large it is still cheaper than flights to Adler.

– Rest in the hottest season in Egypt or Turkey may not be safe for a child of school age, warns pediatrician Nadezhda Selinova. – High temperatures and strong sunlight can lead to dehydration, headaches, nausea, vomiting and other health problems. Children, as more active bathers, may experience skin problems caused by water burns. But everything can be fine if you take precautions: drink plenty of water, wear protective clothing and use sunscreen, and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun during the hottest part of the day.


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