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Russia needs a new industrialization

The main condition for victory over the collective West has been named

The current decade for Russia is very responsible and even fateful. The United States of America and the collective West have declared a hybrid war against us. However, it is quite clear that the West will not be able to achieve a purely military victory, even using Ukraine as a proxy state. But in the economic field, it can seriously weaken and undermine the potential of Russia, create serious social tension in the country, which, in the absence of a national ideology, can cause extremely negative consequences, up to the collapse of the state.

Named the main condition for defeating the collective West

In these most difficult political and economic conditions, the country faces the most important task of developing a national development strategy, forming a strong, dynamically developing economy, which is impossible without a transition to a new economic model with a focus on new industrialization and technological sovereignty. “The absolutely key issue is what we need to do in the very near future – to achieve the technological sovereignty of Russia,” said President of the Russian Federation V. Putin during a conversation on April 4 with the workers of Tulazheldormash.

Industrialization — this is not just a complex process associated with an increase in the productive forces of society, the acceleration of scientific and technological progress, innovative solutions as the basis for increasing labor productivity and production growth rates in all sectors of the economy.

Industrialization as a political and economic category, its nature, pace, sources of financing, as well as goals and social consequences are determined and shaped by a set of production relations. In the current Russian conditions, this totality, unfortunately, has been distorted for a long time by the prevailing principles of liberal market relations, which led the country's economy to a stagnation impasse over a thirty-year period of “reformation”.

Therefore, it is theoretically incorrect, and from the position of practice it is even useless to consider the formation of a new industrialization, technological sovereignty in isolation from the totality of Russian basic economic relations. And they, in turn, were formed within the framework of that flawed liberal economic model, which is fixated on making super profits at any cost, a model that simply failed, leading to total import dependence and leading the country's economy to a dead end.

Therefore, when it comes to the survival of the state in the conditions of a tough hybrid war, the new industrialization cannot be set as the main goal of making a profit, but is dictated primarily by the need to ensure the economic security of the country through the creation of a self-sufficient national economic complex that would reduce dependence on critical imports and ensure necessary level of defense capability of the state.

Consequently, the new industrialization for the Russian reality today is not just plugging holes, a simple response to the sanctions packages of the collective West, but a capacious medium-term and long-term task of national economic importance, incompatible with the liberal market model. And this task can be solved not by private business, but by the state.

However, today Russian industry, the defense industry, energy, including structural companies, are in private hands. All of them have their own plans for a purely corporate format, and therefore, are weakly aimed at general industrialization on a national scale as a whole. Therefore, private capital, and even mutilated by the flawed model of market fundamentalism, is not ready to invest its money in a long-term project, considering it more profitable for itself to take capital offshore or even finance the economy of opponents by investing in their securities. The special operation in Ukraine clearly revealed this flaw in the liberal-market functioning of the economy of conservative capitalism, revealed its bottlenecks, showed the dependence of the domestic economy on critically important imports. All this is perfectly understood and monitored by our enemy. Therefore, the main blow is delivered and will be delivered precisely in this area.

Hence the need for the nationalization of key enterprises of the defense industry and backbone enterprises. Without nationalization, no new industrialization, the formation of technological sovereignty is simply impossible, since only the state can concentrate the necessary resources to solve these most complex tasks. A private business obsessed with making a profit at any cost simply won't do it.

The new Foreign Policy Concept of the Russian Federation, adopted at the end of March, rigidly marked the place of our country in the world. Russia has self-determined as an original Eurasian and Euro-Pacific power, one of the sovereign centers of world development, playing a unique role in maintaining the global balance of power and ensuring the peaceful, progressive development of mankind. A major political decision has been made. But this political decision objectively assumes, as a second logical step, the formation of a new economic model of a mobilization nature based on new industrialization, which will be based primarily on the domestic national economic complex and the domestic market of the country.

What should this step?

First. Bringing the Russian economy onto a path of economic growth based on new industrialization, taking into account the total sanctions pressure of the collective West, requires a change in the socio-economic course, the starting point of which is the fundamental rejection of the monetarist model of “growth”, nurtured and nurtured by the ideology of Western-style liberal market fundamentalism.< /p>

Second. Based on the world experience of the USSR, Japan, Sweden, France, China, South Korea, the most acceptable model for the Russian Federation could be a model of socio-economic development based on the state planning and market mechanism that forms a socially just society of the socialist type.

Third. Talking about a course towards a new industrialization under the current leaders of large companies and corporations, which are largely controlled by neo-liberals, “effective managers”, adherents of the world's financial elites, who brought the country to a crisis, is nonsense, absurdity. It is necessary to remove them from the economic bloc of the country, replacing them with specialists and professionals.

Fourth. If Russia sets the task of winning the hybrid war unleashed against it by the collective West, it is necessary to quickly build a modern scientifically verified system for managing the national economic complex and especially economic development, taking into account new industrialization and increasing technological sovereignty.

Fifth. Under the conditions of the hybrid war against Russia, the destruction of the old model of the economy and the formation of a new mechanism of socio-economic development, the implementation of the formulated concept of the country's survival involves the implementation, at least for the period of the first five years, of the mobilization economy – as a special form of economic relations in emergency conditions for the country, which allow to make the most of the country's existing productive forces.

Whether someone wants it or not, but if Russia sets the goal of winning an all-out economic war against the United States and the collective West, then life will force us to use this model, forming the mobilization nature of our economy , that is, giving priority to what increases our defense capability and the strategic stability of the economic system.

Moreover, only the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin can give impetus to solving these problems. If the political leadership of the country is imbued with the need to resolve the most important strategic issue – the formation of a new industrialization, technological sovereignty, will be able to mobilize the necessary ideological, material, technical and human resources – Russia will win the total war declared against it by the collective West.


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