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In Russia, a neural network will be taught to help a person in choosing solutions

MOSCOW, 24 Apr. To ensure safety in various emergency situations at enterprises and in the urban environment, the software platform for deriving solutions developed at Tyumen State University will allow, university scientists believe. The study was published in the Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems.
Modern neural networks are able to recognize dangerous emergency situations at an early stage. To propose the necessary program of action in case of emergencies, additional knowledge and algorithms are needed, scientists from the Tyumen State University (Tyumen State University) said. url=”” data->
University specialists studied the possibilities of joint application of neural networks, knowledge bases and machine learning and developed a method hybrid inference solutions in intelligent systems. Based on it, specialists are creating an artificial intelligence platform that will help a person quickly navigate in various emergency situations.

“The software platform will become a kind of constructor, with the help of which developers will be able to assemble the required set of modules and implement scientifically based algorithms for deriving solutions for their conditions,” said Igor Glukhikh, scientific supervisor of the project, head of the Department of Information Systems of Tyumen State University.

For example, in the event of an accident at work, the computer prompts program users with specific steps to ensure their safety. In the process of selecting action options, both artificial neural networks and expert knowledge systems are used.

The platform is applicable in various subject areas and conditions, including when there is a lack of training examples, in the absence of rigorous mathematical models , drew attention at the university.
However, before the large-scale implementation of intelligent systems, scientists will have to solve a number of technical problems so that the development takes into account the features of a wide range of possible circumstances.

Researchers emphasized that the main advantage of the platform based on the method they developed is in automating various decision-making systems in case of accidents and critical situations. This will unify and speed up the algorithm of actions for groups of people in case of a possible threat to health or life.

Tyumen State University is a participant in the state program of strategic academic leadership “Priority-2030”.
The study was supported by a scientific grant RFBR-Tyumen region and the Innovation Promotion Foundation in accordance with the program “Start – Artificial Intelligence-2021”.


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