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The flag of Russia was banned at the Ice Hockey World Cup. For the sake of Ukraine, they spit on the rules

The organizers of the upcoming World Ice Hockey Championship, which was originally supposed to be held in Russia, banned any use our flag in the tournament. But Ukrainian was equated with Latvian.

What was invented in Latvia
Without the participation of the Russian team, the world championship completely discredited itself. The last World Cup was a failure both in terms of the level of competition and the number of spectators in the stands. But IIHF management doesn't seem to care. In 2023, the championship was supposed to be held in our country, but for obvious reasons it was taken away from Russia and given to Latvia and Finland. Countries that, to put it mildly, show no sympathy for us either in sports or in political terms. it was easy to expect. So the organizers decided to introduce a ban on the use of the state flags of Russia and Belarus at the matches of the Ice Hockey World Championship.

“It will be allowed to bring and hang out the Ukrainian flag at the World Cup games. Moreover, it will be equated to the Latvian one. On the other hand, the flags of Russia and Belarus will be banned at the World Cup,” quotes the head of the organizing committee of the Riga part of the tournament, Edgars Buncis< br>

Here, the information about the equality of the flags of Ukraine and Latvia is most amusing. How is this to be understood? Either in Latvia they know something about the imminent unification with Ukraine, or this is some kind of surrealism. Although there is a suspicion that for what it is done. According to the rules of the IIHF, the flags of only those countries that take part in the tournament must be present at the World Championship matches. Ukraine, of course, is not in the elite division and could not be, the level of hockey in the country has long been below the plinth.Surely the organizers of the World Cup remember the story from last year's tournament, when Czech fans hung the Ukrainian flag in the stands during the game between the Czech Republic and Latvia. So they decided to express their political position. Then they were forced to remove the flag literally five minutes later, the stewards intervened and resolved the issue. The Czechs did not stop there and for another match they brought a white canvas on which they wrote in English “blue” and “yellow” – the colors of the national flag of Ukraine.

The national team of Kazakhstan had to change the head coach. Until April, the team was led by Belarusian Andrei Skabelka, but he was denied a visa to enter Latvia. They also fired his assistants with Russian passports. So Kazakhstan was left with the coach Galim Mambetaliev, who has neither our nor the Belarusian passport. And the 2023 World Cup has not started yet. It's scary to imagine what will happen next.


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