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It became known when the production of the BMW iX2 crossover will begin

The novelty of the Bavarian brand will be put on the assembly line of the plant located in Regensburg (Germany) at the end of this year.

BMW introduced the X2 crossover in the fall of 2017. Sales of the model in the European market have been falling since 2020. According to the Carsalesbase website, in January-November 2022 (there is still no information for the full year), Old World dealers sold 20,967 copies, which is 21% less than a year earlier. In the near future, another novelty will appear in the line of the Bavarian brand – the all-electric iX2 crossover.

Render of the new generation BMW X2

Note that a new generation BMW X2 is currently under development. Last fall, the designer of imagined what the next “X-second” might look like (the renders were created based on “spy” photos of the prototype). It is expected that the second-generation SUV will have a coupe-like body, a relatively long rear overhang and a sloping glass on the tailgate.

>It is assumed that the front end will be decorated in the style of the current BMW X1, which, along with its completely “green” version of the iX1, debuted in early summer last year. However, the “front end” will not be completely repeated: for example, the new “X second” will receive a different head optics, a different shape of the hood, and also, most likely, the original radiator grille, which in any case will be designed in the form of branded “nostrils”.

In the photo: BMW iX1

There is not much information about the BMW iX2 crossover yet. Most likely, he will receive the same coupe-shaped body as the “regular” new X2. The list of differences will likely include a cap styled like a traditional family grille, exterior details like the iX1's blue décor, and the absence of exhaust pipes at the bottom of the stern.

Despite the fact that the new electric crossover of the Bavarian brand has not yet been presented, there is already information about when the production of this model will start. According to Bimmer Today, which refers to representatives of the company, the release of the model will begin towards the end of this year (there is no more exact date yet). The “green” novelty will come off the same assembly line on which the BMW iX1 is launched, we are talking about a plant in Regensburg (Germany).

In the photo: BMW iX1 showroom

The Bavarian manufacturer also said that it plans to invest more than 350 million euros in the enterprise and expand the staff by about 500 new employees. According to the company's calculations, already in 2024, electric vehicles produced at the facilities of this plant will account for about a third of the total number of locally registered cars. The remaining two-thirds will be occupied by the BMW X1 and X2 with internal combustion engines. It is expected that the sale will be a version of the X2 M35i with a petrol 2.0-liter turbo engine with a capacity of about 300 hp. traditional roof. Recall that it is equipped with a twin-engine unit (one electric motor on each axle), the total power is 313 hp. (494 Nm). The already presented “electrocross” range on a single charge varies from 413 to 438 km (according to the WLTP cycle).


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