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Brother Omoda S5 became more aggressive after restyling: official photos of Chery Arrizo 5

For the time being, the transformed “four-door” is presented with an “aspirated”, but in some places, possibly, there will be a turbo engine.

The Chery Arrizo 5 sedan debuted in 2015. Since then, it has been repeatedly upgraded, in addition, the “four-door” has several options that the brand positions as separate models. Well, let's not forget that the Omoda S5 sedan that has just launched in Russia is the brother of one of these varieties (in China, the “source” is called Arrizo 5 Plus, in other countries it is Arrizo 6 Pro). And now one of the “fives” has been updated: we are talking about the cheapest version, which is known in China as Arrizo 5 Pro.

Updated Chery Arrizo 5 1/2 Updated Chery Arrizo 5 2/2

In general, the restyled model was revealed by the Qatari division of the brand, however, the car has a nameplate in Chinese on the branded pictures on the stern, besides, the “live” refreshed sedans displayed on the Middle East ad sites are slightly different in appearance (in addition, instead of hieroglyphs, they have the inscription Chery in English ). That is, it is possible that the Chery Qatar branch used images of the “five” intended for the home market. Updated Chery Arrizo 5

Be that as it may, after restyling, the “four-door” began to look much more aggressive: Chery Arrizo 5 (in Qatar, such a sedan does not have a prefix) got a new radiator grille with vertical wedges and a massive front bumper (in the official photos it has round foglights, but Qatari sellers exhibited cars with diode strips of running lights). The rear bumper has also been replaced, plus a new fin antenna has been installed on the roof.Updated Chery Arrizo 5

Inside, Chery Arrizo 5 imitates Arrizo 5 Plus for China and our Omoda S5 – the Middle East “five” has a similar front panel and a narrow “climate” control unit with two washers (the pre-reform base sedan has a separate large sensor unit) . The list of equipment of the restyled “four-door” still includes a rear-view camera and cruise control. 5

In Qatar, a 1.5 aspirated petrol was announced for the sedan in combination with a CVT, but the power was not indicated. In China, for example, on the pre-reform Chery Arrizo 5 Pro, the naturally aspirated engine produces 116 hp. and 143 Nm. At the same time, the letters TGDI are still visible on the trunk lid of the car in the official images: it is likely that in China the model will be offered with a turbo engine. 2 Pre-reform Chery Arrizo 5 Pro for China (export old sedan generally looks the same) 2/2

In terms of the Qatari currency for our money, the updated Chery Arrizo 5 costs about 1,166,000 rubles (at the current exchange rate). For comparison, the price of the mentioned Chery Arrizo 6 Pro (aka Chery Arrizo 5 Plus or Omoda S5) starts somewhere from 1,408,000 rubles. Chery did not report the brand in Russia. But they plan to bring a “hot” Omoda S5 GT sedan to us (in China, this is Chery Arrizo 5 GT).


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