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Latest Chinese offer: Russian tours are three times more expensive

Peace, labor, May and China

Two Russian women, separated by the relocation of one of them, decided to meet in a third country for May holidays and chose China, which is interesting for both of them. But when studying the proposals of the Chinese tourism industry, it suddenly turned out that Russians are offered prices many times higher than EU citizens.

Where such fraternal dislike comes from, and even behind our backs, we found out with the help of compatriots who have long lived in the Celestial Empire and know the specifics of this country.

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The first thing the Russian-speaking interlocutors emphasized was that not a single Chinese would admit that there was intent in such price discrimination, everyone would smile, lament and claim that “some kind of mistake has occurred.” However, it's too late to fix it, so just excuse yourself and come another time. The Russian husband of his Chinese wife, who works in a travel agency, knows the bitter truth, but does not dare to disclose it for a long time. But finally he can't stand it:

– Prices have been raised specifically and only for citizens of the Russian Federation, he admits. – So that they don’t get stuck on the May holidays.

– Quite right! But this is only for the May holidays. After all, China also celebrates May Day. But, unlike the Russians, who have already forgotten this, here they go not as a family to personal dachas, but as a whole team in their native country. Chinese trade unions book entire hotels or several floors in a hotel for their organizations. The Chinese will celebrate their Labor Day, as they understand it, and they do not need strangers these days. Even for money.

– Yes, they know for sure that the Europeans will not go to them on these dates, there are no May holidays there. And the neighbors either have their own May Day, which is usually celebrated at home, like the Vietnamese, or there are no days off. And the Russians will definitely go, especially the Far East, Siberia and Kazakhstan. The Chinese say that the Russians, with their problems, have forgotten how they celebrate the Day of Peace and Labor, so if they come, they will go about their business on this day. And this is not good, a bad example. In general, be patient until May 9, then the prices will remain the same.

– Maybe some travel agencies and not on the sly, but warned their customers. On the sly, only I divulge what I know only by hearsay.

Studying the issue shows that indeed a number of tour operators from the Celestial Empire warned their closest counterparties about a sharp price hike before May, mainly in border regions. Explaining that in this way they want to encourage dear Russian guests to abandon the short trip for the May holidays in favor of a longer trip after May 9.

– A familiar Chinese woman from a travel agency called me herself, – a resident of Vladivostok, who regularly visits China, shares, – and warned that their weekends are the same as ours, hotels are crowded, delegations and local crowds are everywhere, and it is better to wait. I agree with her: when there are a lot of Chinese around, it's not a trip, but hell!

– Yes, but not in hotels and not near attractions in the city center. And on May Day they will be there: all the neighboring regions gather in large cities, and May Day demonstrations are everywhere in the center. And at every sight – rallies with shouts. Have you ever heard how the Chinese shout on May Day?!

Some travel agencies in the central part of the Russian Federation also received a “May Day postcard” from Chinese partners with a message about a temporary increase in prices for tours.

-But they have risen in price three times as a minimum-indignant at the Saratov travel agency, who received a similar Chinese warning. – And it is written that for all foreigners, and not just for us.

A number of Far Eastern representatives of the tourism industry were notified by the Chinese side about the rise in prices for hotels in the cities of Dalian, Hunchun and Suifenhe.

– Well everything is clear here, – the Russian husband of the Chinese wife comments. – These are border towns where shuttles go. And everything is closed there for Labor Day.

– No. They are considered optional, lazy, do not respect other people's orders and do not know how to control themselves. But if it's any consolation, they dislike the Japanese even more, although they admit that they are obligatory workaholics, and their facial expressions do not change even at the sight of a tsunami.


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