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Renders and reality: results of the first half of 2023

In the first six months of this year, a lot of interesting automotive novelties have appeared, many of which we previously predicted in our renders. To what extent have we succeeded?

We continue to sum up the intermediate results, comparing our expectations with reality. Previously, a large selection of new products from last year was published.

As usual, we start in alphabetical order. The main novelties of BMW were the updated X5 and X6 crossovers, which premiered in early February. The main difference from our expectations, dated April last year, was the graphics of the LED daytime running lights in the headlights.

Just two weeks after the regular crossovers showed their “charged” versions with the prefix M. Renders of the X5 M were published last summer, and here, in addition to the headlights, there are also differences in the design of the front bumper. The rear bumper, as we expected, has not changed.


A similar story with the coupe X6 M, whose appearance we predicted in December.

The only one in this A selection of novelties from China – a large frame SUV Haval, its renderings were published at the end of last year. We assumed that it would receive the H9 index, but in fact the new product was given the name H5, in addition to this, there are some differences in the design of the grille, headlights and rear bumper.

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Hyundai demonstrated several new products, made in the new style of the company. The first of them is a new generation of the Hyundai Verna budget sedan, known in our market as Solaris. The real car differs from our renderings in the design of the bumpers, the shape of the stampings on the sidewalls and the elements of the lights.

An even brighter novelty is the radically redesigned Hyundai Sonata sedan, which was shown in March. A month before, renders of the car were published, and here the main differences are in the design of the lamps and the rear bumper.

The most expensive and exclusive car in the selection is, of course, the new 1015-horsepower supercar Lamborghini Revuelto, which replaced the Aventador. Two months before the premiere, we shared our own images of the car.

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The last month has brought several interesting new products from Lexus. Firstly, the model range is now opened by a small crossover LBX, made on the basis of the Toyota Yaris Cross. In reality, it has a lot of differences in detail from our renders, although in general the images are similar.

Another completely new model for the brand is the large three-row TX crossover, based on the recently introduced Toyota Grand Highlander SUV. A month before the premiere, renders of the car were published, and here the design of the front part differs primarily. wp-content/uploads/2023/07/7d698b10d22fa24ab80356f4dc2332f9.jpg” />

The most striking novelty of the Japanese brand was the next-generation GX SUV, which actually has nothing in common with other models of the company (with the exception of the LED strip across the entire width of the stern). It is almost impossible to predict such global changes in appearance, so there are maximum discrepancies with the renders published a couple of weeks before the premiere. img src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/1e093583ad8caf536d3b65b30d3de87d.jpg” /> />

Mercedes-Benz also pleased with several updates in the range at once. The main one can be considered the new generation E-class with very original elements in appearance, which was shown in April. At the end of last year, we made renders of the car, and the most significant difference here is the shape and graphics of the lights.

src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/240308d465864675b03edb6aaea334a2.jpg” />

Last week, the sedan was joined by a passenger-and-freight Estate modification, which differs from our expectations only in the shape of the rear window.

src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/1c82bc5e54e0f7243a78301757bb9eb7.jpg” />

In March, the new generation GLC Coupe coupe-shaped crossover premiered. Renders of the SUV were published back in October last year, and the differences here are only in the design of the trunk lid.

src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/0e26da4f449e30262822dfaff7b456ed.jpg” />

Finally, the flagship GLS crossover received a restyling, and the main interest here is the new radiator grille with wide horizontal bars – almost like on our renders dated last fall.

src=”/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/fa1358f9ea6a4894246e8b5b6a932ca0.jpg” />

Porsche updated its Cayenne and Cayenne Coupe crossovers in April, which received identical changes in appearance and interior. From the renderings, the most recent of which were published in January of this year, the real car differs mainly in the design of the lights.

And a couple more new products from Toyota. The first of them is the new generation compact crossover C-HR presented recently. The patent images that appeared before the premiere made it possible at the beginning of this year to reproduce the appearance of the model almost exactly.


The Tacoma pickup, which premiered last month, has also moved into the new generation. Patent pictures that appeared at the beginning of the year also helped us here, although there are some differences in the design of the rear bumper, roof and headlights.

Finally, the updated flagship crossover Volkswagen will complete today's selection Touareg, officially presented last month. Three months before the premiere, we made renderings of the car, and here the graphics of the LED lights in the front and rear optics differ only slightly.

Which one these new products do you find the most interesting? Write about it in the comments, and also follow our regular column!


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