GENERICO.ruScienceThe creators of the lunar spacesuit selected the finalists of the competition for its best name

The creators of the lunar spacesuit selected the finalists of the competition for its best name

About a hundred people took part in the competition with the support of MK

Owl, Zemlyanin, Lunotop, Revenge, Fenech… Competition for the best name for the Russian lunar spacesuit reached the finals. Together with NPP Zvezda, the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper selected the seven best, in our opinion, “names” for the overalls that will protect astronauts on the surface of the Earth's natural satellite.

Competition supported by MK about a hundred people took part

I’ll say right away that most of our readers turned out to be real experts in Russian astronautics, namely, the fact that Since the very first space flights, there has been a tradition of specialists to give spacesuits the names of birds of prey. Recall that the first such suit was the Berkut, in which Alexei Arkhipovich Leonov made the world's first spacewalk in 1965.

After “Berkut” were “Hawk” (it was used during the docking of Soyuz-4 and Soyuz-5) and Sokol-K (created on the basis of the aviation “Falcon”). At present, astronauts fly on the Soyuz spacecraft. in its modification – “Falcon KV-2”, which turned out to be the most ergonomic.

At the Sokol KV-2 there was also a colleague called “Strizh”, created in the NPP “Star” especially for the ejection of astronauts from the cockpit of the Buran spacecraft, – it has never been used. The Krechet, created for the Soviet lunar program, which, unfortunately, was closed, also remained unclaimed. However, thanks to the developments on the “Krechet” appeared one of the most advanced spacesuits for spacewalks – “Orlan”. Since 1978, six modifications have been created by specialists. “Extreme” modification, in which Russian cosmonauts are currently working outside the station – “Orlan-MKS”.

However, the names for space suits were not always “bird” ones. For example, the diving suit for the cosmonauts' clothing after the descent vehicle has landed on the water, the specialists of “Zvezda” gave the name “Trout”.

Now, as we have already reported, NPP Zvezda created a prototype spacesuit for the new lunar program, it is planned to be implemented after 2030. In mid-June, he was tested at the Cosmonaut Training Center. Yu.A. Gagarin on a platform that simulates different levels of gravity.

Physicist of School No. 2 A. Mezenov (right) with his student Denis Trinkunas .

The new lunar equipment borrowed the principle of entering it, as if through the back door, from Orlan. However, the “Orlan” the moon suit is not similar. The part that protects the chest and back (cuirass) is made shorter – for greater mobility of the lower back, because on the Moon the astronaut will need to do both tilts and squats. Became more mobile “hands” and “legs”, that is, the sleeves and legs of the lunar suit. Lunar “lower limbs” equipped with hinges for bending the knees and ankles when walking on the surface of the moon.

In order to give the new brainchild of “Stars” “correct” name, we announced a competition among readers two weeks ago with its creators. It was attended by 66 people who proposed 90 (!) Names. The top three in terms of the number of people who offered them included “Lun”; (the name of this bird was suggested by 13 people), «Owl» (5 people) and “Luntik” (5 people). Three “Crows”, two “Kites”, two “Peregrine Falcons”, “Saker”, “Buzzard”, “Petrel”, “Snipe”, not at all predatory “Swan” were also sent. and even the Adeli penguin… There were mythical birds: Gamayun, Alkonost, Simurg, Sirin.

Some of our readers presented the lunar suit in the form of “Matryoshka”, “Tramp”, “ROB”, “Atlanta”, “Earthling”, “Pioneer”, “Comet”, “Venus”, “Venus”, Flashes» and “Dobrynya”. And the company «Luntik» made “Lufandr”, “Lunaskaf” and Moontop.

“Why not give the moonsuit the name of one of the species of fox?” – asked one of the participants. And he suggested the name “Fenech”. I even attached a drawing generated by artificial intelligence. “I substantiate such an idea by the fact that foxes hunt in a peculiar way by jumping high and naturally for prey, like astronauts on the surface of the moon, due to weakened gravity,” – this is how the reader explained his unusual choice.

Fennec fox on the moon. Photo: courtesy of ARTUR contestant

By the way, there were also “Wolf” with “Dolphin”.

The most unexpected were “Toles” (Moon in Udmurt), “X” (“individual space suit” or “glory to space explorers”), “YUG” (Yuri Gagarin) and simply “Yuri”, sent by grandmother Galina and granddaughter Veronika from Snezhinsk. Two readers sent toponyms: “Moscow”, “Vladimir”, “Podolsk”. In our opinion, the options turned out to be completely inexplicable: “Collapse”, “West”; and “Icarus”…

Surprised by the guys from the "simple rural school" No. 2 of the Vikulovsky district of the Tyumen region, who together came up with the name “Revenge” for the spacesuit. And he suggested the name Denis Trinkunas. That's who, it turns out, sees to the very root!

And now the list of final titles selected by the editors of “MK” and employees of NPP “Zvezda”: “Atlant”, “Lunny”, “Kite”, “Petrel”, “Albatross”, “Filin”, “Dobrynya”. The best of them will be chosen by the creators of the suit in a few days. However, while experts decide which name is more suitable for their spacesuit, everyone will be able to participate in the popular vote. Its result, theoretically, may coincide with the result of the voting of specialists, but not necessarily. In any case, one of the participants, whose name will be recognized as the best, will be awarded the prize — figurine of an astronaut, made in the Gzhel style.


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