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Ambassador recommended Russians to invest in Mexico in IT-related areas

MOSCOW, July 8 Russians should invest in Mexico in areas related to artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, Eduardo Villegas Mejias, the country's ambassador to Moscow, said in an interview.
“I think (it is promising to invest – ed.) in everything related to artificial intelligence. Another topic is security. For example, cybersecurity, given that this area is very developed in Russia,” the ambassador said talking to the agency.

At the same time, he believes that Russian businessmen would also be interested in investing in the production of surveillance systems and equipment for computers in Mexico. “I know that many startups would like to use surveillance systems in agriculture, there are great prospects,” the ambassador said.

In turn, Mexico has a lot to offer startups from Russia, the ambassador said.
“First of all, you have to remember that Mexico has the largest number of Hispanic people in the world. So if a startup creates a product in Spanish for Mexicans, it is much easier for them to enter other Spanish-speaking markets with this product. Maybe they need to adapt it a little for different dialects of Spanish. The Mexican market can be a starting point for startups to further expand in the rest of Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world,” he added.
Answering the question about the presence of any legal problems when opening a business in the republic for Russians, the ambassador specified that there are certain requirements on this issue both in Russia and in Mexico.
“Because of ignorance, people are afraid to start their own business, they don't want to run into problems. Therefore, I would not call it problems, you need to meet the requirements. I would advise entrepreneurs to contact the embassy, ​​we can explain to them everything that is required for opening a business in Mexico, as each type of business has its own requirements. We can help with this,” he emphasized.
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