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Russian special operation in Ukraine: online broadcast on October 9

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Day 593. The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, Budanov, said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces tried several times to attack the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, as well as to land on the left bank of the Dnieper, but to no avail. The head of European diplomacy, Borrell, announced uncertainty regarding future funding of assistance to Ukraine from the United States.

Main news, economy, statementsphoto: frame from the Ministry of Defense video

Friedman confirmed that he had indeed moved from the UK to Israel, and cited sanctions as the reason. Since 2022, it is under sanctions from the EU, Great Britain and Canada, and from August 2023 – from the United States. Also in September, the SBU accused him in absentia of “sponsoring the war.” Now, as Friedman admitted, he is really in Moscow and will go to Israel when everything calms down there.

The dollar closed trading at 99.3 rubles, euro — RUB 104.8

Russian Minister of Culture Lyubimova reported to Putin about the successes of the Ministry of Culture in new regions: “13 thousand new colleagues, our cultural workers who have joined us, also in new regions there are now “a little more than a thousand libraries, almost a thousand cultural centers, almost 160” children's art schools and 77 museums" “When we started work, there were two operating cinema halls in four regions,” the minister added.

A bill was registered in the Verkhovna Rada that would allow the court to liquidate religious organizations whose representatives have committed crimes against the fundamentals of national security.

RBC: Entrepreneur Fridman, who came under sanctions from the US, EU and Canada, left the UK and moved to live in Israel, but “is now in Moscow and plans to visit Russia regularly.”

The State Duma Committee on International Affairs plans within 10 days to work on the issue of revoking the ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).

Veon closed a deal to sell a business in Russia to the management of VimpelCom.

Writer Dmitry Bykov is being checked for discredit RF Armed Forces (included in the register of foreign agents)

President of Ukraine Zelensky, by his decrees, removed Igor Tantsyura from the post of commander of the territorial defense forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and appointed Anatoly Bargilevich instead.

Putin awarded the title of Hero of Russia posthumously to private Dmitry Egorov “for the courage and heroism shown in the performance of military duty.” ;.

Medvedev predicted “planes from Kiev” around the world

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba: Ukraine has fulfilled 79% of the terms of the agreement to begin negotiations on EU membership.

Now the dollar is already 102 rubles – for the first time since March 23, 2022.< /p>

The euro exchange rate during trading on the Moscow Exchange exceeded 107 rubles. for the first time since August 15th. Dollar – 101.75 rubles.

Peskov: part of Western weapons from Ukraine is sent throughout the world.

Peskov said that Kadyrov’s idea to cancel the presidential elections in the Russian Federation before the end of the North Military District is unlikely to be realized , because Putin himself previously pointed out the need to strictly comply with the Constitution.

The Presnensky Court of Moscow fined TV presenter Tatyana Lazareva (included in the register of foreign agents) 40 thousand rubles for not marking her publications on social networks as a foreign agent.

Deputy Prime Minister Novak said that the government’s ban on fuel exports from Russia helped “saturate the domestic market.” At a meeting with Prime Minister Mishustin, he reported that fuel prices have already decreased in 81 regions of the Russian Federation.

The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Kuleba, in an interview with Forbes, said that European countries intend to continue to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine: “The narrative is this: if this lasts a long time, we will still be with you as long as it takes for your victory. This was heard both from the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, and from the ministers.”

NATO countries signed contracts worth 2.4 billion euros for new purchases of ammunition, including for Ukraine, writes “Kommersant”.

Peskov spoke about “jealous statements” Ukraine due to the aggravation in Israel: “Technical capabilities have their limits, money tends to run out, new needs arise for where to direct funds.”

Ministry of Transport: Traffic on the Crimean Bridge will be suspended on the afternoon of 10 October for repair and restoration work.

The dollar is above 101 rubles on the stock exchange, the euro — above 106.

Governor of the Belgorod region Gladkov – about the shelling on October 8: “In the Valuysky urban district, 5 artillery and 6 mortar shells were fired at the village of Dolgoye. There were no casualties or damage. In the Shebekinsky district, the city of Shebekino came under mortar fire – two arrivals were recorded. No one was hurt, there was no damage. At the Shebekino checkpoint one mortar shell was fired. There were no consequences.”

President of Ukraine Reuters: Zelensky said that “Russia will try to make the winter painful” for Ukraine.

The Russian military lured the Ukrainian Armed Forces into a cauldron in the Kupyansk area, former CIA officer Larry Johnson said in an interview with the Dialogue works YouTube channel.

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation: Ivanovo paratroopers captured a stronghold of the Ukrainian army near Artemovsk and five military Ukrainian Armed Forces who were undergoing primary military training in Great Britain.

The Russian Army is inflicting destructive attacks on the Ukrainian Armed Forces with guided aerial bombs, writes Business Insider.

NYT: Wounded American soldiers complain about Ukrainian military medicine

The Hamas attack on Israel is not related to the West's focus on the situation in Ukraine, Blinken said. He does not believe that the militants’ attack on Israel is an attempt to divert the West’s attention from Ukraine. 

The head of the State Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, said that Ukrainian special forces tried three times to attack and seize the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, but all attempts failed unsuccessful. 

Retired LPR Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Marochko said that in the Kupyansk direction the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, despite serious losses, does not allow Ukrainian fighters to retreat.


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