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The senator called the Crimean Bridge the artery of life

SIMFEROPOL, 8 Oct. Crimean bridge even after The appearance of the land route is an artery of life for the peninsula, a symbol of the power of Russia, the terrorist attacks in Kiev only emphasize the criminal nature of the Ukrainian regime, said Ekaterina Altabaeva, a senator from the executive body of Sevastopol.
On the Crimean Bridge early in the morning of October 8, 2022, a truck was blown up. As a result, seven fuel tanks of the train caught fire, two road spans of the bridge partially collapsed, and four people were killed. Railroad traffic on the bridge was completely restored by the evening, and at the same time reverse road traffic for passenger cars was launched, first along one and later on two lanes. The Russian FSB stated that the organizer of the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge was the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and personally its head, Kirill Budanov. The explosive device was camouflaged in rolls of construction polyethylene film on 22 pallets with a total weight of almost 22.8 tons.

“Before the advent of the land route (through the DPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions – ed.) to Crimea, the bridge was an artery of life that connected us with the mainland. In this sense, the bridge is very important for us today. There is a second point – it is a unique technical construction, it is a testament to the talent of our engineers and builders, the capabilities of Russia. For all Russians, it is a symbol of the country’s power, and for us, it is a symbol of our connection with great Russia. It is a necessary task for all of us that it continues to serve the people,” Altabaeva said.

She noted that the terrorist attacks against the transport crossing only emphasize the criminal nature of the regime in Kyiv, which organizes them.
“What happened a year ago on the bridge and this year are terrorist acts that led to the death of people. This emphasizes the essence of the regime in Kiev, just like the shelling of peaceful territories and civilian infrastructure – terrorism in its purest form. I am absolutely sincerely convinced of the inevitability of punishment and trial of the people who organized and committed these crimes,” the senator said.


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