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Figure skating hooligans: what do Medvedeva and Katarina Witt have in common

Why do skaters perform prohibited things? Sport names the main hooligans on the ice, whose company is graced by two-time world champion Evgenia Medvedeva.
The current European champion, the opening of last season, according to Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, the Frenchman Adam Xiao Him Fa won the pre-season tournament “Shanghai Trophy”, performing during a free program somersault The rules never accepted this element, but it and other taboos could be found in figure skating at all times.

Suriya Bonaly – somersault The International Skating Union (ISU) does not approve of somersaults, but this does not prevent figure skaters from performing them at shows from time to time. In recent times, perhaps the most active in this regard were the then non-Olympic champion American Nathan Chen and Canadian Keegan Messing. The latter performed backflips (backflips) on a regular basis even during competitions – not at the box office, but at demonstrations, but still.

However, a gala evening and competitive skates are very different in terms of what is permitted. Therefore, to perform a somersault during short and free programs, which not only has no value (it simply does not exist in the official scale of evaluated elements), but is also punishable by penalty points, means you have to be a special person in every sense of the word. Well, or not have any competitive ambitions other than “making history.”

Just like the Frenchwoman Suriya Bonaly at the 1998 Olympic Games in Nagano. Then the main fight revolved around the Americans Tara Lipinski and Michelle Kwan, and meanwhile Bonaly also did not pass by. Behind the numerous Russian figure skaters who master quadruple jumps, it is already difficult to discern that in fact it was Suriya who launched the revolution. Back in the very beginning of the 90s, coaches sometimes included not one, but two quadruples in her programs, which no one had thought about before. By modern standards, it turned out average, if not worse, but there were also more or less confident exits, which for its time was already akin to a colossal victory over the capabilities of the human body.
In general, the bouncy, charismatic Bonaly also came to Nagano not to suffer from nonsense. However, after failing in the short program (sixth intermediate place) and falling from the cascade at the very beginning of the free program, she had no choice. As a result, instead of a boring roll-up, she did a somersault, which delighted the audience and upset the judges – they immediately gave her a minus 0.2 point penalty for technique and artistry. Bonaly left Japan with tenth place in the table and an honorable place in history. Yes, not for the first quadruple among women, but since then every flip at figure skating competitions refers to her name.

Evgenia Medvedeva – the “forbidden” cascade Before the era of quadruple jumps, it was not so easy to portray dominance in the women’s singles. More precisely, they dominated, but it seemed like it was impossible to clearly show everyone that I could do more than you. Yes, by that time the girls were gradually doing the then most complex cascade of triple lutz and loop, and even less often – triple axel, but these animals were too rare to talk about any superiority of their owners over the others.

And yet Evgenia Medvedeva managed to find a way out. First – due to competitive merits and world records, recognized as historical after the change in the judging system, and then – with the help of a ban. According to ISU rules, skaters are prohibited from performing repeated jumps several times during a performance. Purely technically, it is possible to perform a combination of, relatively speaking, a triple Salchow and two triple sheepskin coats, but, as in the case of Bonaly, why? The second of the two sheepskin coats will in any case receive 0 from the judges for the base value, and the effort spent on the most complex, but useless from the point of view of fighting for medals cascade will be wasted.

But Medvedev at the Russian Championship 2017 still I decided on this. Why? Yes, because I could. The gap from her rivals (even from Alina Zagitova, who would return the favor a year and a half later) was colossal, so why not act out? When leaving the ice, Evgenia laughed – she knew that the prank was a complete success.

Katharina Witt – sex in clothes Even before Medvedeva, the German Katharina Witt came up with an original way to show her superiority without resorting to quadruples. Her approach differed from the others, so to speak, in its maximum detachment from sports. No, of course, she did cascades of triple jumps, performed consistently and, in general, was only the second in history to win more than one Olympics in women's single skating.

But how else can you explain such a passion for ultra-revealing outfits? And for a long time, such images formed the basis of Katarina’s competitive wardrobe. It even got to the point that the ISU had to come up with a separate rule regulating the “closedness” of suits. So from now on, such beauty can only be seen in archival chronicles.

Ice dancing – “deadly” lifts Figure skating spectators probably noticed during the show spectacular dance lifts, during which the partner takes the partner by the skates and swings her along a parabolic trajectory . It looks very risky and truly impressive, although skaters admit in private conversations that in reality everything is not as scary as it looks from the outside.
And yet the ISU does not approve of this. According to the rules, such lifts are prohibited for dance duets and sports couples, so you can only see them in ice shows or demonstration performances.


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