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Kia EV Day 2023: updated development strategy and two new models – EV3 and EV4

Kia continues to expand its range of electric vehicles: as part of the Kia EV Day 2023 event, the EV3 subcompact crossover and EV4 mid-size sedan were presented as concepts , they will probably turn into production cars next year.

Kia, along with parent company Hyundai, are aiming to become a major global player in the electric vehicle market, but so far they have not been very successful, despite having a fairly advanced modular E-GMP platform with an 800-volt electrical architecture. Below we present statistics collected by the CleanTechnica resource from the world's largest manufacturers of electric vehicles, from which it is clear that Hyundai and Kia are marking time in the second ten – from January to August of this year they sold 162,240 and 158,284 electric vehicles, respectively.

Not a single electric model from Hyundai or Kia has yet become a global hit, even in their native South Korea they are not favored: for example, sales of related crossovers Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 are falling here: according to the BestSellingCarsBlog resource, 12,620 were sold from January to September this year PC. (-44.2% compared to APPG) and 13,874 pcs. (-27.6%) respectively. Nevertheless, the Koreans are not discouraged and regularly update the strategy for electrifying their model ranges; Kia last did this in the spring of last year, and now promises to hold Kia EV Day rhythmically, namely once a year.

1/2 2/2

So, judging by the new introductory information, Kia management is still radiating optimism about the prospects of its electric vehicles: by 2026, Kia wants to reach a sales level of 1 million electric vehicles per year, the goal for 2030 is 1.6 million electric vehicles per year. Last year, the plan included 1.2 million electric vehicles per year by 2030, meaning ambitions are growing, despite not the most rosy statistics. At the Kia EV Day 2023 event, it was not said exactly how many electric models Kia will have by 2030, the two electric pickups promised last year were not confirmed, but three live new products were presented – the global compact crossover Kia EV5 (read about it in a separate article) and conceptual forerunners of the EV3 and EV4 models. The main markets for Kia electric vehicles are the USA, Europe, China, India and South Korea, models for each of these markets will have their own characteristics.

Kia EV3 1/3 Kia EV3 2/3 Kia EV3 3/3

The Kia EV3 is a subcompact crossover with a faceted design and visually squared wheel arches. The production version will look little different from the concept, but the interior will obviously receive a more down-to-earth design, as we have already seen with the Kia EV5 – its concept version had a much more futuristic and minimalistic interior than the one the production crossover received. The Kia EV3 Concept features a lift-up rear seat cushion so that an electric scooter or any other personal mobility device can be placed behind the first row and charged from an in-car outlet.

Kia EV3 1/4 Kia EV3 2/4 Kia EV3 3/4 Kia EV3 4/4

The Kia EV4 is a mid-size sedan, a potential competitor to the Tesla Model 3. The faceted design and plastic bodywork give the Kia EV4 a crossover-like appearance, so you can consider it a cross-sedan or even a cross-fastback , because the third volume is not visually highlighted.

Kia EV4 1/7 Kia EV4 2/7 Kia EV4 3/7 Kia EV4 4/7 Kia EV4 5/7 Kia EV4 6/7 Kia EV4 7/7

The Kia EV3 and EV4 salons demonstrate a promising palette of natural and environmentally friendly finishing materials: leather substitute made from grown mushrooms, bioplastic, biopaint, biocomposites, fabrics based on recycled plastic and used fishing nets – we will sooner or later see all this in production cars.

Kia EV4 1/5 Kia EV4 2/5 Kia EV4 3/5 Kia EV4 4/5 Kia EV4 5/5

The main feature of the Kia EV4 interior is the touch-sensitive climate control unit, made in the form of a pencil case: when it is not needed, the pencil case closes and hides the panel. The deflectors of the ventilation system are made in the form of thin tubes – they seem to merge with the ornamentation of the interior decoration. It is not yet clear whether the production sedan will have such an elegant microclimate system.

Kia EV3 1/4 Kia EV3 2/4 Kia EV3 3/4 Kia EV3 4/4

Kia has not announced the dates for the appearance of serial EV3 and EV4, but they will definitely be there, because Generative artificial intelligence (analogous to ChatGPT) has already been announced for production cars, which will be used for online services, route planning, security systems and many other functions. The serial Kia EV3 will be the first to receive generative AI, and then it will be implemented in EV4 and EV5.


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