GENERICO.ruSportThe removal of the ROC will not affect the participation of Russians in the 2024 Olympics, Bach said

The removal of the ROC will not affect the participation of Russians in the 2024 Olympics, Bach said

MOSCOW, October 13 Invitations of neutral athletes from Russia to the Olympics the games in Paris will be direct and will be coordinated with international, if necessary, with national sports federations, the head of the organization, Thomas Bach, said following a meeting of the executive committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
Earlier, the IOC executive committee at its meeting in Mumbai decided to suspend the Olympic Committee of Russia (ROC) until further notice due to the inclusion in its composition of the Olympic Councils of the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, as well as Crimea.
“”Time is not pressing on us, we reserve the right to invite neutral athletes from Russian passports, the ROC will not play any role here, the invitations will be direct in agreement with international federations and, if necessary, national federations. They will not represent either Russia or the ROC, strictly individual and neutral athletes,” Bach told reporters.< br>In March 2023, the IOC Executive Committee recommended allowing Russians who did not support the CBO to compete as neutral athletes. At the same time, the organization proposed to deny participation to athletes associated with the armed forces or security agencies, as well as national teams in team disciplines. Most international federations have followed these recommendations; in a number of sports, Russians already compete at international tournaments as neutral athletes. Some federations are still developing criteria for the participation of athletes with Russian passports, but there are sports, in particular athletics, where Russian athletes are not allowed to participate in international tournaments.


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