GENERICO.ruScienceThe US announces new sanctions against China, media writes

The US announces new sanctions against China, media writes

WASHINGTON, Oct 14 The administration of US President Joe Biden plans to announce new restrictions on the export of microprocessors to China, Axios portal reports, citing sources.
“The Biden administration plans to announce new regulations on artificial intelligence chips that may be sold to China,” the publication writes.

In October 2022, the United States announced the introduction of a series of rules limiting the export of equipment and components for the production of advanced chips to companies located in China.

The new restrictions are expected to be announced early next week, marking another move by the White House aimed at trying to limit the development of China's military capabilities in the field of artificial intelligence.
The purpose of the innovations will be to eliminate loopholes in the export control mechanisms that were announced last year. In addition, as specified, restrictions will apply to chips of lower power compared to those that are already subject to a ban on export to China, as well as to equipment for their production.
Earlier, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources, that the administration of US President Joe Biden is considering introducing new restrictions on the export of chips and cloud services used for artificial intelligence technologies to China. In addition to the supply of microprocessors, cloud services for Chinese companies involved in artificial intelligence technologies may also be subject to export restrictions.
The head of the US Department of Commerce, Gina Raimondo, said in September that Washington is committed to ensuring that the Chinese military does not gain access to advanced American technologies and subsequently use them against the US itself.

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce calls US measures to limit the export of chips to China as violating market rules. According to Beijing's position, such steps lead to fragmentation in the global semiconductor market.


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