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“I went to America and got depressed”: a very honest interview with a skater


For two years almost nothing was heard about him, when he suddenly ascended to the podium of the Grand under Russia. Famous figure skater Roman Savosin told Sport in an interview with Sport how to overcome hatred, close your ears when talking with a coach and not break down physically and mentally in a difficult situation.

“I will never jump five quadruples in one program “
– In figure skating it is considered that 23 years is a respectable age. Especially in order to start your journey all over again. You prove the opposite.

– As they say in sports: age is multiplied by two, that is, I am now 46. Everything depends on the physical and psychological state. I don’t feel like I’m the oldest at competitions at all, although I’ll be the oldest at almost all tournaments. It doesn't put pressure on me.

– How do you approach training now?

– First of all, I hate training, but I really love performing. I go to every training session with the understanding that I am preparing for a competition. But the approach itself has also changed. Previously, I was very tuned in, worried, and if something was wrong, this led to the fact that I began to burn out psychologically. Now I take it as simply as possible.

– But there are not many competitions. How to tune in?

– There is pleasure in rarity. As they say, so that you get the maximum buzz.

– Coming to Ufa, did you assume that you could win?– I always try not to think about anything at the starts, it’s much easier this way. I won’t say that I’m super confident in my abilities now. But it's better to ride with a cool head, and the main way to do this is to simply stop thinking.

– Have you ever turned to sports psychologists?

– Once, but after one visit I realized that no psychologist could help me better than myself. Coaches are trying to carry out psychological work. But this, by the way, is what I try to miss, I close my ears. I have everything my own way.

– Is it realistic to win the Russian championship?

– Really, why not? But I still don’t want to set such goals for myself. Chasing results does not lead me to success. I already had a similar situation when I burned out at the Russian Championship. Then I took 15th place, although I could have easily claimed a good result.

– Many say that places are absolutely not important to them.

– I used to think that this was completely deceitful. But now I’m in a situation where it’s important for me to just skate well. At the same time, the result is still pleasant.

– If now you didn’t have the results that suited you, would you end your career?

– Probably, I would ride, then, if there were no results, I started to think.

– So there is no age limit for when you are going to finish?

< br>– No, I try to live in the moment. When I understand that I don’t need it or I can’t physically handle it, then that’s it. Injuries, of course, worry you, but you can live with them.

– Injuries won’t prevent you from adding more quads to the program?

– I can add a flip, I jumped it. But it needs to be restored. I'm not working on it at the moment. I think for me four quads in the program are optimal. Personally, I won’t be able to insert five.

“It was hard in Kazakhstan”
– How expensive is it to practice figure skating when you are not on the national team?

– I’m on the Moscow region team, so they give me skates and blades. It's good that there are no problems with this now. This is a big plus. I sew the costumes at my own expense, and the program was staged by Anastasia Kazakova. If it were necessary to stage it with an expensive director, then, of course, it would cost a pretty penny.

– Where to get the money from then? figure skaters?

– I work part-time. It’s not difficult to combine, but I don’t spend much time on it. Enough to live on.

– There was information that you could join the Kazakhstan national team.

– There was no option to join the Kazakhstan national team and there were no offers either. I was invited to give master classes. I went to work. Then they offered to stay longer, I accepted this offer and decided to skip the season.

– Was it difficult for you to live there?< /strong>

– Of course, where home is, it’s closer. During this period I really missed Moscow. I never thought that I would look at my home with such pleasure. We communicated with loved ones only via video conference; we really missed meeting in person.

– What did you do in your free time?

– Maria Talalaikina told in an interview with Sport24 that in Italy she had to wash the floors in a bar to earn money.

– There has never been anything like this. If I found myself in such conditions, I would immediately return back.

– Have you ever had turning points in your life?

< br>

– Once I missed almost a season due to an injury: a nerve in my leg was inflamed. At the same time, I had two adult international Grand Prix stages. I went to America with an injury, after which I had to withdraw from all competitions. I couldn't do anything at all. Absolutely. I forgot how to do quadruple jumps and half-turned on two legs. Then I had to think: “Maybe that’s it?” Strong apathy overtook, one might even say depression. It was the most difficult psychological period in my career. I think it won’t even be harder.

– What pulled you out of this state?

– I have character. I just didn’t allow myself to finish.

“I don’t consider changing citizenship a betrayal”
– Many say that changing citizenship is a betrayal. What do you think about this?

– Those who say this have little idea of ​​the path every athlete goes through. Many people have been figure skating since birth, and if you lose the opportunity to compete at the international level, especially when you can compete there, then it is very sad. Of course, some decide to take this step. Everyone has the right to their own choice. I don’t consider this a betrayal.

– If you received a real offer to play for another country, and they helped you financially, would you agree?

– Honestly, I don’t even know. I would have to think carefully. But most likely not, because I don’t have a strong desire to compete at international competitions right now. Of course, it would be great, interesting and would bring a little variety. But now I take great pleasure in performing at our tournaments.

– Still, international tournaments are a different experience. Don't you want to get it?

– It probably depends on my approach to figure skating at the moment. I ride for fun. The competitions that exist are enough for me. Look at our level of competition. Even when I went to junior international Grand Prix, there was nothing like this. The level is definitely better here. At least better than at junior competitions.

– Do you believe that we will be allowed in soon?

– I don’t know, maybe in In the best case, this will happen by the Olympics. Of course, I would like to perform there, but I don’t set a goal.

– Some say that under conditions of suspension, interest in Russian figure skating is falling.

– It seems to me, on the contrary, it is growing. Of course, I would like more spectators in the stands. It seems to me that they could assemble a full box here too. Moreover, there have never been such big competitions in Ufa before. But the organization here is still superb, and even from those spectators who came today there was wonderful support.


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