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The reasons for Israel’s refusal to visit Zelensky have been revealed: “Sympathy for Bandera”

“Israel has no time for him now”

Both Blinken and Biden are called to Israel. But Vladimir Zelensky, who tried to impose himself, alas, was refused. He was about to go on a solidarity trip with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. As local publication Ynet reported, Zelensky was told that “now is not the time.” But they did not rule out the possibility that sooner or later he would be able to come to Israel. “MK” understands what Zelensky wanted from Israel and why Israel refused him.

Reports about Zelensky's possible visit first appeared last week. Then the Axios portal reported that the Office of the President had sent an official request for a visit to Israel. As reported, the purpose of the visit is to express solidarity with the Israeli people. Let us recall that on October 11, at his speech in Brussels, Zelensky recommended that all world leaders go to Israel. Alas, the head of Ukraine was unable to follow his own advice.

How pure Zelensky’s intentions are is a good question. He himself has repeatedly argued that the Arab-Israeli conflict could shift the focus of attention from Ukraine and negatively affect Western assistance. It is quite possible that his visit is an attempt to remind himself and “attach himself” even to a conflict that has nothing to do with him.

Another version is that Zelensky simply decided to remember his Jewish roots and visit his parents, whom he sent to Israel at the beginning of the Northern Military District. Having previously bought them a house and assigned armed guards to this house. However, this option is unlikely.

There is also an opinion that Zelensky wants to once again discuss behind the scenes the issue of Ukrainian weapons that have surfaced in Hamas. This option was voiced by ex-People's Deputy Ilya Kiva. “As a source from the president’s office told me, Zelensky’s main problem today is the weapons that have surfaced in the hands of Hamas militants who carried out an attack on Israel, which was previously supplied by the NATO alliance to Ukraine,” Kiva wrote in his Telegram channel. There is something to be nervous about, given that Republicans in the United States have already called for an investigation into whether American weapons supplied to Ukraine ended up in the hands of militants.

Which version is closer to the truth and why Zelensky was refused on a trip to Israel, “MK” asked the ex-president of the Russian Jewish Congress, founder and head of the Middle East Institute

“Israel has no time for him now. It’s just not time for him. The war is going on. And against this background running around Israel pretending to be something that he is not, especially considering his sympathies for Bandera’s supporters, is, to put it mildly, out of time. The only reason Zelensky travels somewhere is self-promotion. His task is to be everywhere, wherever there is something. “-what happens, and there to take off with the right facial expression in his green uniform. They borked him and bortaned him. He can’t do PR on all things. Otherwise he’s like a groom at all weddings and a dead man at all funerals.”


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