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“Like a queen.” A scandal erupted in Europe over von der Leyen

MOSCOW, Oct 17. European Union politicians have accused the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, of exceeding her powers, writes Politico.

“She is increasingly behaving like a queen,” said a European diplomat who wished to remain anonymous.

According to the publication's sources, discontent has been brewing for a long time. In particular, they pointed to von der Leyen's anti-subsidy investigation into Chinese electric vehicles, as well as statements about her readiness to allocate 900 million euros to Tunisia to combat the migration crisis. These and other decisions, according to Politico, were made without consultation with EU members.

Some European officials are also unhappy with von der Leyen's trip to Israel, where she expressed sympathy for the victims of the Hamas attack, but did not convey calls to the authorities comply with international law in relation to Gaza.

Von der Leyen’s policy on Ukraine also does not suit everyone in the EU.

"In private conversations in Brussels, diplomats, legislators and staff of her own European Commission complain that von der Leyen goes beyond the scope of her official duties, removing EU governments from decision-making and being guided by the decrees of a small group of advisers,” the material says.

Such behavior by the head of the EC could undermine her support , if she wants to go for a second term, observers noted.


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