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North Korea claims the right to launch a preemptive strike against US forces in South Korea

MOSCOW, Oct. 20 The DPRK reserves the right to preventive a blow to US strategic forces being deployed to South Korea, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reports.
It was previously reported that the American B-52 strategic bomber conducted exercises in the skies over the Korean Peninsula and landed on South Korean territory for the first time.

“Strategic assets transferred to the enemy zone become the first object of destruction. That page of history when the right to a preventive strike remained the “monopoly property” of the United States has been turned over,” the KCNA statement says.

The DPRK considers the joint air exercises of the United States, Japan and South Korea planned for October 22 with the participation of the B-52 strategic bomber to be “intrigues” of the United States aimed at starting a nuclear war, the agency writes.
Earlier, Ambassador at Large of the Russian Foreign Ministry Oleg Burmistrov said in an interview that the main reason for the degradation of the situation on the Korean Peninsula is the increase in military activity of the United States and the Republic of Korea. The Americans and South Koreans are counting on using sanctions and pressure to force Pyongyang to give up nuclear weapons in exchange for promises to provide economic assistance. At the same time, not a word is said about the intention to take into account the legitimate concerns of the DPRK in the field of security. A solution to the problem could be Russian-Chinese initiatives aimed at creating a comprehensive architecture of indivisible security in Northeast Asia. However, they are rejected, as a result of which the negotiation process on the nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula is at a dead end, and there are no prospects for a way out at this stage.
As the DPRK Foreign Ministry previously stated, the DPRK's position as a world nuclear power is final and irreversible, it does not need international recognition, the possession of nuclear weapons does not violate any treaties and is already enshrined in the country's legislation and is necessary not for the sake of status, but for protection from the United States their hostile policies. They added that measures to strengthen the defense capability of the DPRK are its sovereign right and are needed to protect the state and its territorial integrity, as well as to stablely control the situation in the region of the Korean Peninsula against the background of “insane and provocative” military actions of the United States and its allies.


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