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The “prestigious” crossover Oshan X7 Plus set off to conquer new markets under the Changan brand

The export three-row SUV is offered with a non-alternative 1.5 turbo-four, the power of which varies depending on the gearbox.

Five years ago, China's Changan turned its Oshan division (aka Oushang), previously involved in the production of simple cars and commercial vehicles, into a separate brand for “prestige” models. The sub-brand has not become global, but its products are still represented abroad – with the emblem of the parent company. So, last year in Pakistan they started selling the restyled Oshan X7 crossover with the Changan badge (in general, the full name of the original model is Oshan X7 Plus, but the Pakistani SUV is deprived of the prefix). Now this SUV has reached Latin American countries, in addition, it launched in the Philippines. And without mentioning Oshan.

Export Changan X7 Plus 1/4 Export Changan X7 Plus 2/4 Export Changan X7 Plus 3/4 Export Changan X7 Plus 4/4

Recall that Oshan X7 Plus has been in service since 2021 . The length of this SUV is 4730 mm, width – 1870 mm, height – 1720 mm, wheelbase – 2786 mm. That is, in terms of dimensions, the “Chinese” is close to the Skoda Kodiaq crossover. Among the exterior design features are two-story head optics and rear lights designed in the form of a single die.

Export Changan X7 Plus

It is curious that the Pakistani Changan Oshan X7 has the appearance of an updated model, but its interior is from the pre-reform “ simple” Oshan X7. But in other export markets, Changan X7 Plus is immediately presented with a new interior. Inside there are visually combined screens for the instrument panel and multimedia system, although these are still separate displays (the instrument panel is recessed).

Export Changan X7 Plus 1/7 Export Changan X7 Plus 2/7 Export Changan X7 Plus 3/7 Export Changan X7 Plus 4/7 Export Changan X7 Plus 5/7 Export Changan X7 Plus 6/7 Export Changan X7 Plus 7/7

Under the central air deflectors there is a row of physical keys, and even lower is a platform for wireless charging. By the way, the Changan X7 Plus, intended for the Latin American and Philippine markets, has its own steering wheel, not the same as in China or Pakistan. The crossover can be five- or seven-seater, although, for example, in Chile only a three-row version is offered. Depending on the configuration, the Changan X7 Plus also includes: 19-inch wheels, air conditioning or climate control, a panoramic roof, all-round cameras and cruise control.

Export Changan X7 Plus 1/5 Export Changan X7 Plus 2/5 Export Changan X7 Plus 3/5 Export Changan X7 Plus 4/5 Export Changan X7 Plus 5/5

There is only one engine – the same 1.5 petrol turbo-four that powers the Oshan crossover in China. The engine is combined with a six-speed manual or seven-speed robotic gearbox with two clutches. In the first case, the engine power of the export Changan X7 Plus is 168/177 hp. (depending on the country), the torque of an SUV with a manual transmission is 260 Nm. The crossover engine with 7DCT is tuned to 185 hp. and 300 Nm. In China, the engine is weaker – 170 or 180 hp. (mechanical/robot), but the torque is the same. Front-wheel drive only.

Oshan X7 Plus for China 1/3 Oshan X7 Plus for China 2/3 Oshan X7 Plus for China 3/3

Meanwhile, another Oshan crossover with the Changan emblem recently appeared in the database of the Ministry of Industry of the People's Republic of China – the more aggressive and compact X5 Plus. That is, the foreign line will apparently be expanded again. But the local division of the parent company has not yet announced the official debut of the Oshan/Changan models in Russia.


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