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The German general expressed shock at Zaluzhny’s confession

MOSCOW, November 5 Confession of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny about the impasse at the front has amazed many commentators in Germany, retired Bundeswehr Brigadier General Helmut Ganser said on Phoenix TV.
Earlier this week, Zaluzhny, in an article for The Economist, admitted that the situation at the front had reached a dead end. He noted that he no longer hopes for a breakthrough, although “according to NATO textbooks,” the Armed Forces of Ukraine should have already “fought war” in Crimea.

According to Ganzer, the situation is such that a positional conflict has been going on in Ukraine “for about a year now.” , Zaluzhny admitted this in his article in the Economist. “Yes, this is a deadlock situation, for many it (turned out – ed.) is frankly amazing, for many commentators in Germany,” he said.

In his opinion, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not want to join a long positional confrontation, but “this is exactly the situation now.” The general suggested that in the run-up to next year, Ukraine will continue to need Western support and will most likely go on the defensive.
At the same time, he acknowledged that the topic of a Ukrainian counteroffensive, which was at the peak of attention this year, has exhausted itself. “I think that the topic of a major counter-offensive, especially in the south, is over for now,” Ganzer added.
As Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov noted earlier, commenting on Zaluzhny’s words, the special operation to protect Donbass continues consistently and all its goals will be achieved. The Kremlin said that the sooner Kyiv understands that it has no prospects for victory on the battlefield, the sooner the situation can be resolved and the sooner some prospects will open.


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