GENERICO.ruCultureThe Tsyganovs said that the “search” turned out to be a prank by a Lexus prankster

The Tsyganovs said that the “search” turned out to be a prank by a Lexus prankster

MOSCOW, November 5 Reports about an alleged search of the house of Victoria and Vadim Tsyganov on Saturday turned out to be false – the video became a prank involving a pranker (Lexus Alexey Stolyarov), follows from the words of the singer’s husband Vadim Tsyganov.
The night before, a video appeared on Tsyganova’s Telegram channel in which a man resembling her husband Vadim announced a search of the singer’s home. In the signature, which contains many spelling errors and resembles an auto-dialer in voice, the author claims that Sobchak “tipped off” on Tsyganova. Blogger Ksenia Sobchak, in turn, refuted this statement, noting that she does not understand “in what universe the names Sobchak and Tsyganova stand next to each other so that I would spend at least a minute of my time snitching on you.”
In a new video published on Tsyganova’s Telegram channel on November 5, her husband answers calls from friends, in particular, communicates with the prankster Lexus (Vadim shows a phone with a call from the “Lesha Lexus” subscriber) and thanks him for the prank.

"Lesh, thank you for your work. <…> Thank you for doing this. This is a waste. We played well. Your team works at five plus,” Tsyganov said in a telephone conversation with Lexus, saying that they “will work together again.”

Also in the video, Tsyganov talks on the phone with writer Zakhar Prilepin.< br />


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