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Navalny was assigned another 15 days in a punishment cell

Employees of Vladimir IK-6 placed Alexei Navalny in a punishment cell for 15 days. This was reported on the politician’s telegram channel.

The reason for the penalty was that Navalny, “protesting against the confiscation of writing materials, refused to leave his room.” Because of this, according to the report, “physical force was used against him four times during the day.”

Comrades of the oppositionist said that the conflict occurred on October 23. Navalny was then forcibly dragged to the investigator.

This is already the 22nd placement of the politician in a punishment cell since the summer of 2022, when he was transferred to colony No. 6 in the village of Melekhovo, Vladimir region. Punishment is the most severe punishment for a prisoner provided for by law. According to the rules, a convicted person cannot be sent to a detention center for more than 15 days, but there is no limit on the frequency of such punishments.

The rest of the time, from November 2022, Navalny was also kept in strict conditions – in a cell-type room (PKT). In September 2023, it became known that he had been transferred for a year to a single cell-type premises (EPKT) – a prison inside the colony.


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