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Ukraine shuddered: the fake Zaluzhny told the truth about Zelensky

Illustrative moments of the collapse of the political system

The video with the fake Zaluzhny, who debunked Zelensky, who was leading Ukraine to disaster, was easily and willingly believed by the majority on both sides of the front line. There are several secondary reasons for this – and one main one. The most important for us if we want Victory with a capital V.

Indicative moments of the collapse of the political system < /span>

Let me remind you point by point of the main points of the fuss around Zaluzhny. His article comes out, where he talks about the positional impasse and Zelensky also has to speak in the Western press – they say that the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not adequately assess the situation.

They kill Zaluzhny’s assistant (in the version with an accident – he was playing around with a live grenade in front of his children – believe it or not). And almost at the same time, a story appears from a “Poroshenko” deputy that Defense Minister Umerov submitted a petition to Zelensky’s office to remove Zaluzhny from his post, and, in fact, the fake video with Zaluzhny itself.

This whole background is secondary reasons why the video was believed. Well, of course, the disgraced general went all in.

And the main reason is that the fake Zaluzhny told the truth.

Ukrainians at war, civilians involved in an armed conflict (military relatives, volunteers, etc.), and ordinary people simply interested in politics – everyone sees exactly what “Zaluzhny said.” That Zelensky wants to remain in power at any cost and is ready to put all Ukrainians to death for this, that theft and corruption flourish in Ukraine, that Zelensky’s orders are criminal (and there is no need to carry them out, which, by the way, is already happening in reality, and I wrote about this Western press). There were also calls in the video for a new Maidan.

Well, how can you not believe in all these stuff? Even the absolutely pro-Ukrainian BBC wrote that the fake news about the request to remove Zaluzhny “shuddered” the political system of Ukraine, although not long ago everyone would have immediately “bought” the fake and would have just smiled.

Obviously, that an internal squabble has begun in Ukraine. And, paradoxically, we need to bet on the Ukrainian “war party”, on the distraught Zelensky, and not at all on those who now want to enter the “negotiation track” with Russia. Because any negotiations not in the format of the surrender of Ukraine will lead to the fact that in 5-10 years we will have to say from the high stands “they cheated again.”

Now that Western military assistance has been exhausted and NATO military production has not yet reached capacity to a new level, when US forces and money are diverted to Israel, when the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Ukrainian society are demoralized by the failure of the summer campaign, and now the Ukrainian government has fallen into a crisis of mutual consumption – it’s time for a misericord. A blow that relieves the death throes. This will truly be a blow of mercy that will save ordinary Ukrainians from the horrors of a country mired in chaos.

And then the enemy will be defeated. Victory will be ours.


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