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Boris Grebenshchikov* explained why he cannot return to Russia

MOSCOW, November 13. Musician Boris Grebenshchikov*, recognized as a foreigner, explained in an interview with Forbes Talk why he cannot return to Russia.
According to the founder of the rock band “Aquarium“, it's all about the concerts. The performer is sure that he will not be allowed to perform in Russia.

"Every policeman I meet on the street can show me something. And this may not be very positive for me. They told me this absolutely directly. And no one will let me play concerts,” explained Grebenshchikov*.

The musician, who left Russia almost immediately after the start of the special operation, added that he never considered himself an emigrant. The rocker noted that he feels comfortable traveling around the world.
“”I'm still interested in traveling everywhere and trying different things. At the same time, I never stop feeling Russian. I don't lose the Russian language and culture. But I live in the world. And that suits me quite well. For me, Russia “It’s part of the world,” the artist shared.
At the end of June, the Ministry of Justice included Boris Grebenshchikov* in the register of foreign agents.

According to the department, he acted abroad to collect financial assistance for Kiev, spoke out against a special military operation, received support from foreign sources, and lives outside of Russia.
* Individual , performing the functions of a foreign agent in Russia.


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