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“Mother Teresa”: Simonyan ridiculed Pugacheva’s appeal to the Russians

MOSCOW, November 16. Editor-in-Chief of the Rossiya Segodnya media group and RT channel Margarita Simonyan in the author's program “Ch.T.D.” appreciated the recent words of singer Alla Pugacheva, when she tried to explain her famous phrase about “servants and slaves.”
““It turns out that this woman sacrificed her health for several decades, okay, health, but her personal life! for the sake of you and me, to sing for you. Without earning a penny from this, without becoming a star, without building castles on it, no, she is Mother Teresa,” Simonyan sarcastically said.
The editor-in-chief was also outraged by the artist’s words about sacrifices in her personal life. Margarita Simonyan sarcastically listed the singer’s several marriages and endless love affairs, which “the whole country has been watching for years and decades.”

According to the journalist, the prima donna is insincerely apologizing for her words and actions, trying to win back the sympathy of the audience .

The media manager is confident that the former star of the Russian stage faced what she deserves.

“Alla Borisovna didn’t like us. So we have it mutually! People's love – it does not happen in one direction. People's love is never unrequited. When you don’t love the people, the people feel it and stop loving you too,” Simonyan explained.

The artist left with her family for Israel last fall, for which she was criticized by colleagues and fans.
In response, Pugacheva called the hatred of those people whom she “always could not stand” happiness, and stated that those who criticize her “were serfs – became slaves.”
In October 2023 The singer and her family moved to Cyprus to escape the fighting between Israel and Hamas. In early November, Pugacheva came to Russia for a short time, and then published a post in which she tried to justify herself for harsh words addressed to her fellow citizens.

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