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Zelensky made an unexpected statement about the Armed Forces of Ukraine

MOSCOW, Nov 17 The Ukrainian Armed Forces will have to retreat if The West will stop supporting the country, Bloomberg writes, citing the words of President Vladimir Zelensky.

"Right now I am focused on getting help from the West. Their attention is shifted due to the situation in the Middle East and other reasons. Without their support, we will retreat,” the politician said at a meeting with media representatives, where Bloomberg journalists were present.

It is noted that Zelensky spent a week convincing Western allies that his troops would be able to prepare for battle this winter.

Western media are increasingly writing that the United States and the EU have begun to tire of the Ukrainian conflict, and support for the Zelensky regime is weakening. According to NBC television, American and European officials are already discussing with Kiev the possible consequences of peace negotiations with Russia, including the general outlines of what Ukraine may have to give up in order to reach an agreement.
Ukraine's failure was recognized by the commander in chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Valery Zaluzhny. Earlier, in an article for the Economist magazine, he noted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had reached a dead end. The general said he was unable to demonstrate the impressive pace of troop advance that was expected of him in the West according to NATO textbooks. In turn, the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov emphasized that the sooner the Kiev authorities understand that there is no chance of achieving success on the battlefield, the sooner some prospects for resolving the situation will open.


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