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The foreign ministers of South Korea, China and Japan were unable to agree on a date for the summit

MOSCOW, Nov 26 Foreign Ministers of South Korea, China and During a meeting in Busan, Park Chin, Wang Yi and Yoko Kamikawa of Japan were unable to agree on a date for the next trilateral summit, which has not been held since 2019, the Yonhap agency reports, citing an official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea.
“”There is currently no agreed time for the summit. You can assume that we continue to communicate, having different time plans in hand. Since there is an agreement to speed up preparations, the specific date will be determined depending on the results (subsequent consultations),” he said official.

South Korea, which currently chairs the trilateral cooperation mechanism with China and Japan, had been pushing for a leaders' summit before the end of this year and hoped to agree on specific dates during the current foreign ministers' meeting. However, as the country's Foreign Minister Pak Chin said, when announcing the results of the negotiations, diplomats agreed only to “accelerate the necessary preparations for the summit.” The foreign ministers of the three countries confirmed their readiness to hold it “as soon as possible at a mutually convenient time.”

As Yonhap notes, the parties came to the conclusion that it would be problematic to organize the event before the end of the year, and the beginning of next year is being considered as a possible date. Earlier, the head of the national security department in the administration of South Korean President Cho Tae-yong, in an interview with Yonhap News TV, also said that holding the summit “before the end of the year will not be easy.”
Following the results of the first meeting in the last 4 years, the foreign ministers of South Korea, Japan and China decided not to hold a joint press conference. However, during the consultations, they managed to agree on restoring cooperation in a trilateral format, which was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a South Korean Foreign Ministry official, the parties will “continue to significantly expand projects in the field of exchanges between representatives of future generations.” The ministers exchanged views on the broader international agenda, including the situation on the Korean Peninsula, Ukraine and the Middle East, and agreed to strengthen their joint contribution to addressing common challenges facing the international community, such as combating climate change and health issues.
Park Chin, Wang Yi and Yoko Kamikawa also reaffirmed that peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula are the common interests of not only South Korea, China and Japan, but also the entire world, and agreed to continue communication at various levels to resolve the nuclear issue DPRK. The Foreign Minister of the Republic of Korea called North Korea's development of nuclear weapons, the recent launch of a reconnaissance satellite “and other provocative ballistic missile launches” as one of the main threats to the peace and security of the region. However, as the agency notes, while Japan supported the position of South Korea, which actively raised the North Korean issue during the negotiations, China mentioned it only in passing, calling on all parties to exercise restraint and take into account the legitimate concerns of the DPRK in the field of security.


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