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Kiselev commented on the project “Songs of War Correspondents”

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MOSCOW, November 28. General Director of the international media group “Russia Today” Dmitry Kiselev called the collaboration “Songs of War Correspondents” with the project #MUSICTOGETHER by composer and arranger Timur Vedernikov a great creative success.
“For our agency, of course, this is not a random project… Our media group will celebrate its 10th anniversary in early December. We are proud of our results, our team, and on this occasion we had such a collaboration… I am very pleased that we have such a partner – Timur Vedernikov with the project #MUSICTOGETHER, that we managed to do what is called a total flash mob. For us, this is a great creative success. I thank everyone who participated in the project,” Kiselev said at a press conference at the multimedia press center “Russia Today” “.

He recalled that Russia Today traces its history back to the Sovinformburo, which was created on the third day of the Great Patriotic War in order to provide clear, accurate, verified information about the hardest battles.

“It was necessary to find inspiring words and inspiring intonation in the conditions of retreat, colossal casualties, evacuation, confusion, mass heroism. And, in fact, the relief of the Sovinformburo gives us strength now. We now have 50 military officers working on rotation in the Northern Military District zone. We, “Unfortunately, we are suffering losses. Andrei Stenin died in 2014, and in the summer we buried Rostislav Zhuravlev. VGTRK journalist Boris Maksudov recently died,” emphasized the general director of the media group.
As part of the event, the premiere of the first part of the joint video project “Songs of War Correspondents” took place, implemented with the support of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives. Journalists from different regions of the country sang the song “Correspondent Table” by Konstantin Simonov. According to Kiselev, with the help of this song, colleagues will be able to express support for war correspondents who are currently working on a special military operation.
“The guys who are in the NWO zone need nourishment… support. This song will certainly be an important element of such emotional support for journalists who are again working in khaki colors,” he noted.

In turn, Vedernikov emphasized that the participants in the project who performed “Correspondent Table” were workers from various media outlets who paid tribute to their colleagues. According to him, Simonov’s song is now again relevant, so it was not chosen by chance.

Vedernikov also spoke about the second part of the project, in which the song will be performed by war correspondents. “People who don’t sing there sing – these are real military correspondents. Real war correspondents will sing this, as best they can, including workers … in rock style,” the composer noted.
“Of course, we make news, comments, analytics, but we must convey the truth, mood and meaning in all possible ways. It’s just not always possible to convey this in text. We need music, we need intonation, we need joy, we need a completely different creative energy and a different look… In besieged Leningrad they sang songs. How could it be otherwise? Songs give strength,” Kiselev concluded.
“Songs of War Correspondents” is a collaboration between the #MUSICTOGETHER project by Timur Vedernikov and the Rossiya Segodnya media group. In the format of a musical flash mob, participants from all over Russia turn to the tradition of front-line journalism and demonstrate the spiritual continuity of generations of Soviet and Russian military officers. The main task of the new musical project is to emphasize the civilian significance of such an important profession in the realities of modern times as military journalism, the heroes of which work both at the forefront of the information war and on the line of combat contact.

#MUSICTOGETHER is a large-scale cultural and social project, which was launched in Russia in 2016 by the famous producer, musician and arranger Timur Vedernikov.


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