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Tesla Cybertruck in Unplugged Performance tuning: even higher, even meaner

California tuning studio Unplugged Performance has presented a set of Up Invincible accessories for the Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck, addressed to fans of extreme off-roading.

Last week, Tesla introduced the long-awaited production version of the Cybertruck electric pickup truck; the first copies assembled at the Gigafactory in Texas have already been shipped to customers. Tesla itself offers a number of interesting accessories for the Cybertruck, which we talked about in a separate article, and the tuning studio Unplugged Performance promptly prepared its own alternative set of accessories for the Tesla pickup, aimed at improving cross-country ability and appearance.

The Unplugged Performance studio has existed since 2013 and is supported by Tesla. The Unplugged Performance office is located in Hawthorne next door to the Tesla design studio, and Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen and his wife work directly with Unplugged Performance and offer customization of Tesla electric vehicle interiors through this studio.

The Up Invincible accessory set, developed by Unplugged Performance for the Tesla Cybertruck, is not very extensive, but it significantly transforms the appearance of the pickup truck, making it even more brutal and angular. The most expensive item on the list is the $9,995 suspension lift, which increases maximum ground clearance from 443mm to 495mm and is a 26-piece kit that includes new arms, bushings and joints to ensure proper wheel alignment.
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The lift kit, of course, should be taken complete with track extenders, new 20-inch wheels (there are three options, including with beadlocks), more “toothy” tires and carbon fiber wheel arch extensions, but everything else is optional. You can, for example, install new, narrower steel bumpers, steel sill protection and even additional underbody protection, although it is clear that the result will be “butter and butter”, since the body of the Cybertruck is made of stainless armored steel. The chassis is expected to have more powerful brakes and quick-release anti-roll bars.

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You can attach a winch and a cage with a built-in LED spotlight to the front end and install a carbon fiber front trunk lid with another LED spotlight. The body can be equipped with cross rails, a Starlink internet receiver holder and a built-in chest of drawers with drawers for storing small items. For the folding side of the body, a mount for a full-size spare wheel and a shovel is offered; jacks can be hung on the sidewalls.

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What a Tesla Cybertruck looks like with a full set of Up Invincible parts from Unplugged Performance is shown in the illustrations. “Full stuffing” will cost the customer more than $40,000, despite the fact that the all-wheel drive dual-engine Tesla Cybertruck itself costs from $79,990, and the top three-motor version of the Cyberbeast costs from $99,990.


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