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Ex-FIFA referee suggested why the referee did not send off Karpin

MOSCOW, December 7, Alena Sulizova. It was necessary to be at in the place of chief referee Rafael Shafeev in the match of the 17th round of the Russian Premier League (RPL) between CSKA and Rostov, in order to decide on a red card for Rostov head coach Valery Karpin, said former International Football Federation (FIFA) referee Alexey Nikolaev.
The match between CSKA and Rostov (2:0) took place in Moscow on December 3 in conditions of heavy snowfall. After the game, Karpin called the one who allowed the meeting to be held a moron and said that it was “the murder of football.” Later, the Rostov coach said that he does not regret his words spoken after the match with CSKA. Karpin was disqualified for two games, one of which was suspended, and 200 thousand rubles for statements.
“”To understand whether to remove coaches in such a situation or not, you need to be at the scene of events, that is, in Shafeev’s place. Judging by the behavior that we saw and the decisions made earlier in similar situations, the coaches were punished. Here we can say about the red card that Shafeev did not show. It’s hard to talk, you need to be there. The KDK still didn’t miss the statements that Valery Georgievich allowed himself after the match about those people who made the decision. You know, now everyone is somehow under stress and on nerves. Shafeev is still a young referee. He had to make decisions about matches in such weather conditions in Samara and Kaliningrad. Somewhere, perhaps, he should have been given a break to recover from games in such conditions. Perhaps all of this together had an impact. There could have been a card. But the most important thing is that you have to be there on the football field in those conditions,” Nikolaev said.
Russian Premier League (RPL)03 December 2023 • starts at 14:00FinishedCSKARussia2 : 0RostovRussia
04‎'‎ • Fedor Chalov (P)69‎'‎ • Victor Mendez (Fedor Chalov)

On Thursday, the head of the control and disciplinary committee of the Russian Football Union (KDK RFU), Artur Grigoryants, said at a meeting that the committee had asked chief judge Shafeev to submit an additional report regarding his communication with Karpin. His text sounded like this:

"After the final whistle, Karpin came out to me on the field. Approaching me, he asked in a calm manner – who made the decision to hold the match? I replied that the decision is made by the chief judge. He asked again. He replied that I accepted. After that, he showed his finger up and made it clear that he had to think. I did not impose any sanctions.”


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