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Rented apartments have risen in price due to the war factor

Khaki November

The results of November slightly surprised participants in the rental housing market. Usually in the last month of autumn there is a lull after the high season in August-September. But this year, at the end of autumn, average rental rates did not fall, but, on the contrary, increased. According to experts, the unusual trend has strengthened, among other things, thanks to the deployment of military factories in industrial cities, where workers flock to rent housing.

Khaki November

As told by “MK” director of the rental department of the federal company “Etazhi” Olga Pavlinova, changes in the conditions of mortgage lending, both in terms of an increase in rates under standard programs and an increase in the requirements for the size of the minimum down payment under preferential programs, led to the fact that in the residential real estate rental market the period of high demand this year did not end in the middle October. Tenant activity in the market is still quite high, it is only 5-10% lower than the activity in October, and the volume of supply has only just begun to recover in large cities. As a result, there are no more affordable budget options; they are still in short supply and can be rented out in just a few hours.

“The monthly rent payment is now almost twice as low as under mortgage programs (except for preferential ones),” — explains the increase in rental rates by the CEO of the World of Apartments portal Pavel Lutsenko. In addition, according to him, the deployment of defense production in industrial cities, where workers flock to rent housing, also played a role. Well, and the rise in price of “utilities”, the cost of repairs that are periodically carried out by landlords, — This is also not the last factor in the growth of rates.

According to Lutsenko, in the last month of autumn “odnushki” increased in price in 62 large cities out of 70 studied, “kopeck piece” — at 58, “three rubles” — in 41 cities (see table). Apartment rental prices increased the most in November in Naberezhnye Chelny, where one-room apartments became 13.6% more expensive, two-room apartments — by 16.5%, three-room — by 18.1%. Rental rates also jumped in Ulan-Ude (+12.1%, +15.3% and 14.7%), Tolyatti (+10.2%, +4.3% and +14.3%), Novokuznetsk ( +4.5%, +6.1% and +16%) and Omsk (+9%, +7.7% and +9.7%).

In Moscow “odnushki” added 2%, “kopeck piece” the price has not changed, “three rubles” prices rose by only 0.2%. According to the managing director of the Miel chain, Maria Zhukova, in the capital, traditionally, the highest demand and, accordingly, price increases are observed in economy class. The volume of supply of properties in good repair, in a pleasant location, at an acceptable distance from the metro (up to 15 minutes on foot) continues to decline, which pushes prices up. For example, an apartment that could be rented for 30 thousand just five months ago is now rented for 40 thousand. According to Zhukova, now landlords don’t even need to tighten the requirements, they simply choose “their” one. tenant from the flow of applicants. The situation when one advertised apartment receives 10 or more applications during the day is not uncommon.

Source – “World apartments.”

In Moscow, the average rental rate in November for a studio was 40 thousand rubles, for one-room apartments — 45 thousand rubles, for two-room apartments — 65–70 thousand rubles, said Yulia Dymova, director of the Est-a-Tet secondary real estate sales office. The most available options are in areas where there are few new buildings, and the supply mainly consists of apartments of the old housing stock and houses that fall under the renovation of the second and third stages. This is, for example, in Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, Tushin, Golyanov.

In November, the top 5 most affordable apartments on the rental market in old Moscow (without ZelAO), according to the deputy director of the apartment rental department “INCOM” -Real Estate” Oksana Polyakova, received lots with bids of 30; 32; 35; 37 and 38 thousand rubles. — they were located in the Northern Administrative District, South-Eastern Administrative District and Western Administrative District.

In the Moscow region, at the end of November, the rental of one-room apartments (+3.8%) and “kopeck piece” (+3%) went up in price, and “three rubles” (–1.6%) — fell in price. In St. Petersburg, the corresponding tariffs were +3.1%, –1.7% and +0.5%. On average, in November, rent for one-room apartments increased in price by 3.7%, to 20,781 rubles/month, for two-room apartments — by 3.4%, up to 27 078 rub./month, with three — by 1.7%, to 33 665 rubles/month.

Another November trend — mandatory cleaning. “Now many landlords insist that after moving out, tenants order apartment cleaning services and return the property to the condition in which they rented it. This is agreed upon in advance, before concluding the contract,” — Dymova emphasized.

According to her forecast, in the first two weeks of December, business activity will continue on the market, then citizens will begin to prepare for the New Year. “At the end of the year, demand will be mainly for short-term rentals. As for long-term rentals, as a rule, people start looking for a new apartment to live after the New Year’s weekend,” — Dymova concluded.


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