GENERICO.ruCultureWriter Vodolazkin with his novel "Chagin" became a laureate of the "Big Book" award

Writer Vodolazkin with his novel “Chagin” became a laureate of the “Big Book” award

MOSCOW, December 5 Writer Evgeny Vodolazkin with his novel “Chagin” became a laureate “Big Book – 2023” award, reports the correspondent.
“You see, I didn’t need to look into the envelope. Evgeniy Germanovich Vodolazkin,” announced Russian Presidential Advisor for Culture Vladimir Tolstoy after Marina Brusnikina read an excerpt from the winner’s novel.

The second place was taken by Yuri Buida with the book “The Gift of Speech.” Third place went to Alexey Salnikov with his novel “Occulttregger”.

The finals of the “Big Book – 2023” included 15 works by modern Russian writers: “Sholokhov. Illegal” by Zakhar Prilepin, “Chagin” by Vodolazkin, “Occulttreger” by Salnikov, “Snark snark. Chaginsk. Book 1” and “Snark snark: Snow of Enceladus. Book 2” by Eduard Verkin, “The Magic Choir” by Evgeniy Kremchukov, “Valsarb” by Helena Pobyarzhina, “The Gift of Speech” by Buida, “Rose” by Oksana Vasyakina, “Higher than your feet off the ground” by Mikhail Turbin, “Bridge Protection Committee” by Dmitry Zakharov, “Fireworks on the other side” by Alexandra Shalashova, “OTMA. The Rescue of the Romanovs” by Alexei Kolmogorov, “Komendan” by Rodion Marinichev, “Red Sky. True stories about earth, fire and the flying man” by Vasily Avchenko and “Creator. The life and adventures of Anton Nosik, the father of Runet , trickster, blogger and pioneer, describing three eras of the Internet in Russia” by Mikhail Wiesel.
The Russian literary prize “Big Book” was established in 2005. The award is given for the best prose work in Russian. The long list is formed based on the selection of all received applications. Three prizes and a special prize “For Contribution to Literature” are awarded annually. The monetary content of the first place is 3 million rubles, the second place is 1.5 million rubles, the third place is 1 million rubles. In addition to the main awards, special prizes and diplomas can also be awarded.


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