GENERICO.ruPoliticsThe media reported on the West's unexpected attack on the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The media reported on the West's unexpected attack on the Armed Forces of Ukraine

MOSCOW, December 11 Blockade of Polish carriers on the western border of Ukraine seriously affects the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, writes Business Insider.

“The current situation has a bad impact on Ukraine’s combat capabilities, since deliveries of drones are delayed for several weeks,” the material says.

< br>Journalists noted that due to the blockade, the Ukrainian armed forces cannot be supplied with the resources necessary for combat, and the Ukrainians themselves fear that due to the deterioration of the situation, more Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers will die.

About a month ago, Polish carriers, later joined by farmers, blocked road checkpoints on the border with Ukraine. They demand the restoration of the previously canceled permit system for commercial carriers from the post-Soviet republic with exceptions for humanitarian aid and supplies for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the suspension of licenses for companies created in Ukraine after February 2022, their inspection, and the separation of queues of empty and loaded vehicles. The line of trucks on the Polish side reaches 50 kilometers, two Ukrainian drivers have already died in it.
Recently, relations between Warsaw and Kyiv have become significantly more complicated due to the embargo against Ukrainian grain. Deputy Minister of Economy and Trade of the post-Soviet republic Taras Kachka said that the country would introduce an embargo on some Polish agricultural products in response to the extension of the unilateral ban on the import of Ukrainian grain. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, in response to this, promised to expand the Polish list of products prohibited for import from Ukraine.


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