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“NATO will handle this.” The US made a shocking statement about Russia

MOSCOW, December 13. NATO will deal with the conflict in Ukraine if the Ukrainian Armed Forces suffer a final defeat, said US Democratic Party Senator Sherrod Brown. He is quoted by The Washington Post.
““Without American support, Ukraine could lose territory, and then this conflict will turn into a “NATO issue,” the senator said.
In his opinion, the armed confrontation could spread to other territories of the former USSR and then a world war will begin.

“Nobody wants this,” the parliamentarian concluded.

Russia has repeatedly pointed out the absence of aggressive plans towards other states, including countries of the North Atlantic Alliance. In this regard, the Kremlin has repeatedly noted that NATO, on the contrary, behaves destructively and aggressively, strives for confrontation.According to presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, the bloc is aimed at expansion into the post-Soviet space, which cannot bring greater security to the region.
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