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Alfa Romeo's new “budget” crossover: it's Milano, brother of Jeep and Peugeot

The compact SUV will make its premiere next year. In Europe, the main focus will be on the electric version, but there will also be options with an internal combustion engine.

It has long been known that Alfa Romeo is preparing a crossover that will be smaller and cheaper than the Tonale model, that is, in fact, it will become the ideological successor to the MiTo hatches and Giulietta. The name Brennero was predicted for the upcoming new product, but no. Today, the Stellantis concern, which owns the brand, announced that the cross will go on sale under the revived name Milano: in the 1980s, the American version of the Alfa Romeo 75 model had this name.

The new SUV will be presented in April 2024, as The debut site was symbolically chosen in the city of Milan, where the brand was founded. But there are no full-fledged official images of the cross yet (a fragment of Tonale is in the title picture); the manufacturer has so far limited himself to a poster with an announcement and uninformative teasers.

The company calls the crossover Sport Urban Vehicle (“sports urban model”). It is reported that with it the brand will return to the European B-segment, and that the new product will be offered, among other things, in the form of an electric car (as expected, all-wheel drive), and this will be the first fully electric Alfa Romeo. The cross will be a relative of the Jeep Avenger, Fiat 600, Peugeot 2008 and other compacts from the extensive Stellantis lineup, that is, it will also receive a hybrid version.

The production of the SUV will be established at the Polish plant, which also produces the Jeep Avenger and Fiat 600.

Simultaneously with the announcement of the Milano, the brand recalled its immediate plans. So, in 2025, Alfa Romeo will present another new model, and it will no longer have versions with internal combustion engines: only electricity. And from 2027, the entire European Alpha line will consist of “green”.


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