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Astronomers have discovered what young galaxies are like

MOSCOW, January 6Young galaxies resemble bananas instead of the usual disks, The New York Times reported, citing a study by astronomers.
“According to an analysis of new images from the James Webb Space Telescope, young galaxies do not look like a disk or an egg. They are bananas,” the publication writes.

This preliminary conclusion was reached by a team of astronomers led by Columbia University postdoctoral fellow Viraj Pandya. Scientists have re-examined images of more than four thousand young galaxies discovered by James Webb.

According to the newspaper, Pandya will give a speech about his discovery at the American Astronomical Society on January 10. If the result of the work is not refuted, astronomers believe that the discovery could significantly change the existing point of view about the appearance and growth of galaxies, as well as the influence of dark matter, which influences their formation.
According to Pandya himself, quoted by The New York Times, astronomers have so far assessed images of galaxies from only one part of space, but will later move to other segments, “which will make it possible to find galaxies of various three-dimensional shapes across the entire sky.”< br />


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