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Former IBU head denies connection with prostitutes allegedly paid for by Russia

MOSCOW, January 9 Former head of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) ) Norwegian Anders Besseberg denies that he has ever used sex services provided or paid for by Russian representatives, the official's lawyer Christian Hjort said in a court in the Norwegian city of Hokksund.
The trial in the Besseberg case started on January 9 and will last until February 16. Previously, Besseberg, who was IBU president for more than 25 years, was charged with corruption for the period from 2009 to 2018. The prosecution representative stated in court that Besseberg, in one of the telephone conversations, agreed to a meeting with prostitutes, which was organized and paid for by Russian government officials. The prosecution regards this as corruption.
““Besseberg denies that he received sexual services from Russians,” NRK quotes the lawyer as saying.
Besseberg is also accused of receiving bribes in the form of watches, some of which are estimated at 195,000 Norwegian kroner (about 18 thousand dollars), others he allegedly could have received from the former president of the Russian Biathlon Union (SBR) Alexander Tikhonov.

Also of a corrupt nature, according to the prosecution, were Besseberg's hunting trips to Russia, which, according to the prosecutor, were paid for by Russian officials. One of the trips is allegedly related to the World Cup stage in Khanty-Mansiysk in 2018. As noted, the total cost of trophies obtained during trips to the Czech Republic and Austria is about 500 thousand crowns (48 thousand dollars). The ex-IBU head also allegedly used a rented BMW car, the cost of which amounted to 850 thousand crowns (82 thousand dollars), the funds were provided by Infront, which received marketing rights for the competition from the IBU.


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