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Putin visited a year-round greenhouse complex in Chukotka

ANADYR, January 10. Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Makatrovs’ year-round greenhouse complex in Chukotka, the correspondent reports.
The project was implemented by the Makatrov family; in a multi-storey greenhouse complex they grow vegetables in permafrost conditions. 320.8 million rubles were invested in it. The greenhouses occupy 0.24 hectares, half of which were put into operation this year. The enterprise employs two dozen people.

79 tons of products are grown here per year, which is approximately 20% of the vegetables purchased in Anadyr.

This is a unique project for the region, which is entirely part of the Arctic zone. Difficulties are associated with both extreme weather conditions and high tariffs for housing and communal services, complex logistics of agricultural materials, equipment and spare parts.
Natalya Makatrova told the president that greens are grown in greenhouses on a coconut substrate, which is then used in city flower beds , and remembered that when Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin came to Chukotka, “the city was buried in flowers.”
“He was pleasantly surprised. Beauty will save the world, so we have been making this beauty since 2017,” added the entrepreneur and a mother of many children, who, as she said, has 9 children.
Putin examined the beds with tomatoes and cucumbers of different varieties, assessing their quality; he was also given the opportunity to smell the grown basil.

“Very tasty.” Super. True,” admitted the head of state


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