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Russian car market in 2023: growth of 69% against the backdrop of minus in 2022, newcomers from Chery and Geely in the TOP 10

Relatively recently, the Geely Monjaro, which recently appeared on the list of the most popular cars, took fourth place at the end of last month, leaving behind the Chery crossover and Russian SUVs.

According to a report prepared by the Autostat agency, a total of 1,058,708 new passenger cars were sold on the Russian market in 2023. This result is 69% more than the disastrous 2022 year (when sales fell by almost 59% to 626,281 units). For comparison, in the “pre-crisis” year of 2021, the result was about 1.516 million new passenger cars. It is worth recalling that Autostat uses data on state registration of new cars, therefore it also takes into account those cars that were imported into the Russian Federation under the parallel import scheme (it was legalized in May 2022).

In the photo: Chery Tiggo 7 Pro Max

At the end of last year, Lada remained the leader among brands, which increased its share in the Russian market from 27.9 to 30.7%. Its bestseller is still the Lada Granta: the “people’s” car has “gold” in the top ten most popular cars in the country (share of the entire car market is 18.5%). Next comes the Niva Travel SUV with a share of 4.4%, in the TOP 10 it closes the top three.

PlaceBrand Sales in 2023, pcs. Sales in 2022, pcs. Difference, %1Lada324 446174 688+ 85.72Chery118 95039 256+ 203.03Haval111 72034 128+ 227.44Geely93 55326 693+ 250, 55Changan47 7652550+ 1773.16Exeed42 15212 127+ 247, 67Omoda41 9831239+ 3288.58Kia33 58065 691- 48.99Hyundai24 65854 017- 54.410Toyota23 31828 596- 18.5

Lada Vesta, which returned in 2023, is in fourth place in the top ten at the end of the year, accounting for 3.9% of the Russian car market. In sixth place on the annual list is the “classic” SUV Niva Legend (share – 3.7%). AVTOVAZ intends to return to the production of station wagons and Largus vans only this year, so they are not included in the rating of models.

Chery became the most popular foreign brand in the FA of the Russian Federation in 2023. At the end of last year, its share in the Russian market was 11.2%. The most popular among Chery's clients was the newcomer that closes the top five in the TOP 10 – the Tiggo 7 Pro Max crossover (share – 3.9%). Tiggo 4 Pro also entered the top ten (ninth place) (market share in the Russian Federation – 3.1%).

PlaceModelSales in 2023, unitsSales in 2022, units Difference, %1Lada Granta195 91087 987+ 122.72Haval Jolion55 55017 447+ 218.43Lada Niva Travel46 89619 389+ 141.94Lada Vesta41 07032 79 0+ 25.35Chery Tiggo 7 Pro Max41 057–6Lada Niva Legend39 00816 117+ 142.07Geely Coolray38 22012 999+ 194.08Omoda C535 8411239+ 2792.79Chery Tiggo 4 Pro32 9362098+ 1469.910Geely Monjaro20 423 —

Next on the list of brands sold is the celestial brand Haval, its models occupied 10.6% of the market in 2023. Only one model of the brand was included in the annual TOP 10 – the Jolion crossover. But it ended up in second place on the list, right after the budget Grants. The share of the Chinese SUV, produced at a plant in the Tula region, amounted to 5.3% of the entire Russian passenger car market.

In fourth place among brands in 2023 is Geely, the brand’s share in the Russian market was 8.8%. The best sellers at the end of last year were the Coolray SUV (3.6% share) and the newcomer Monjaro (1.9% of the Russian car market). In the TOP 10, the first of the named models was in seventh place, the second closes the top ten.

Place BrandSales in December 2023, units Sales in December 2022, units Difference, %1Lada31 69419 677+ 61.12Haval15 3394406+ 248 ,13Geely13 6184483+ 203.84Chery13 3507815+ 70.85Changan7782339+ 2195.66Exeed39781984+ 100.57Omoda35191085+ 224.38Tank2539–9Moskvich2414–10Li Xian g (Li Auto)1968–

The fifth and sixth places in the brand ranking are Changan (the Russian market share in 2023 was 4.5%) and Exeed (the share was 4.0%), respectively. Not a single model from them entered the TOP 10. On the seventh line is the Omoda brand, a spin-off from Chery (share – 4.0%), from which the C5 crossover entered the top ten at the end of last year, accounting for 3.4% of the Russian car market.

Next in the top ten brands are those brands that do not officially sell their products in the country: in eighth place at the end of 2023 is the Korean Kia (share – 3.2%), in ninth is Hyundai (2.3%), and closes this annual top ten Japanese brand Toyota (2.2%).

Place ModelSales in December 2023, units Sales in December 2022, units Difference, %1Lada Granta15 49112 107+ 28.02Haval Jolion74411201+ 519.63Lada Vesta7007873+ 702, 64Geely Monjaro5070–5Chery Tiggo 7 Pro Max5034–6Lada Niva Travel46173572+ 29.37Lada Niva Legend44332578+ 72.08Chery Tiggo 4 Pro4166952+ 337.69Geely Coolray41452453+ 69.010Omoda C5292 91085+ 170.0

In the December TOP-10 most popular cars in the Russian Federation it is worth noting Geely Monjaro, which in a month managed to rise from tenth place to fourth, displacing both Chery crossovers and Lada SUVs. The list of brands sold still includes the recently entered Tank (share – 2.1%) and Moskvich (2.0%), and also includes a newcomer – the Chinese brand Li Xiang (aka Li Auto). On the domestic market, the model range is represented by several plug-in hybrid crossovers; last fall the company showed its first all-electric model – the Li Mega minivan.


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