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The Veterinary Department of Buryatia began killing dogs at the Ananda shelter, from where animal rights activists are urgently evacuating the animals.

Employees of the veterinary department of the Republic of Buryatia on the morning of January 10 killed 18 dogs at the Ananda shelter in Ulan-Uda. The director of the shelter, Vyacheslav Sambuev, told Mediazona about this. Officials did not warn the management of Ananda about their visit, he added.

According to Sambuev, all the killed animals “were either sick or emaciated” and were de jure considered municipal property. In total, there are about two thousand dogs in the shelter now.

“Now [employees of the veterinary department] called and allowed all the remaining dogs to be registered as individuals—that’s 1,800-1,900 individuals,” says Sambuev. – There were people willing. Euthanasia has been stopped. The [registration] process will take about a week, maybe ten days. During this time, they should not be euthanized.”

First, department employees injected the dogs with the sedative drug “Xylanit”, then put them under anesthesia, and then gave lethal injections of the anesthesia drug “Anestofol,” says Sambuev. He emphasizes that he was not able to personally oversee the euthanasia of each of the 18 dogs.

The dogs killed in Ananda were treated, some were already recovering, the founder of the Dog of Happiness Foundation, Evgenia Shiryaeva, told Mediazona. Since December, volunteers of this foundation have been urgently evacuating dogs from Ananda to safe regions of the country where killing stray animals is not yet permitted. They have already managed to save more than 600 dogs.

“I came to the shelter to prepare a batch of dogs to be sent to Moscow,” says Shiryaeva. “For some reason [the killed dogs] were weak and thin—maybe because of illness. Everyone was in cages – they had no way to escape or defend themselves. I know that at nine in the morning [employees] of the veterinary department were already here. I don’t know if they have any euthanasia orders for tomorrow.”

According to Shiryaeva, the head of the veterinary department of Buryatia, Amgalan Darmaev, was present during the euthanasia of dogs in Anand on the morning of January 10. The department’s press service declined to comment, but in Darmaev’s reception, Mediazona said that the official was “at a meeting.”

In November, the authorities of Buryatia adopted a law allowing the killing of aggressive, terminally ill and “unclaimed” dogs – those that within 30 days from the date of capture no owners were found.

“New Newspaper. Europe drew attention to the fact that after the adoption of the law, the administration of Ulan-Ude entered into contracts for catching dogs and disposing of corpses with the TsASS company, which volunteers accused of illegally killing animals. According to contracts worth more than 27 million rubles, TsASS will have to catch about three thousand dogs in Ulan-Ude.

Zoo defenders in the region are trying to challenge the euthanasia law in court. On January 16, the Supreme Court of Buryatia will consider their lawsuit against the head of the region Alexei Tsydenov and the People's Khural.

In July 2022, Vladimir Putin signed a law that gave regional authorities the right to independently decide how to deal with stray animals. Before this, in Russia at the federal level there was a program OSVV.

Buryatia became the first region to allow the killing of animals. At the end of last year, similar decisions were made by the authorities of Altai, Magadan and Astrakhan regions.

1ArticleDog train. How Buryat animal rights activists are evacuating stray animals from the region that was the first to legalize their killing


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