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Russian athletes can withdraw from the IOC, Pozdnyakov said

MOSCOW, January 12, Alena Sulizova. Restrictions on Russians athletes who are used by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will lead to Russia’s self-exclusion from the organization, says the President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Stanislav Pozdnyakov.
On December 8, the IOC announced the admission of Russian and Belarusian athletes to the 2024 Games in Paris in individual neutral status, subject to a number of criteria. According to the decision of the executive committee, neutral athletes and their personnel must refrain from any activity related to the national flag, anthem, emblem or any other symbol of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, national federations or Olympic committees, as well as from supporting the CBO at any official event or in Media before, during and after the Olympic Games.
“”We have practically adapted in two years. We have a large number of joint competitions, educational and training events. We are trying to support the highest achievement sports of our country. It is very important for us that the international committee “Children of Asia” invited Belarusian athletes to participate in its competitions. We do not limit ourselves. Now you are talking about the Youth Olympic Games, and to my shame I forgot that they are starting soon. Unfortunately, human memory is very short. And all these senseless and illegitimate restrictions that creates the International Olympic Committee will lead to our countries withdrawing from them (the IOC),” Pozdnyakov told reporters.
“We are an integral, full-fledged and very important part of the international Olympic movement, and no one doubts this. Olympism is a whole philosophy that is supported by the majority of our compatriots involved in sports. We will promote this among future generations,” – continued Pozdnyakov.


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